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  • City of Santa Monica, CA is Hiring!
    Santa Monica's residents enjoy miles of excellent beach, surf and deep sea fishing; smog-free weather with an annual average temperature of 61.7 degrees; an excellent school system from elementary through community college level; a municipal airport; a civic auditorium offering top-grade cultural events; good, low-cost public transportation; and recreation programs for all ages. The Santa Monica Freeway is only blocks from any point in the City, providing access to surrounding communities and the entertainment facilities of the Los Angeles Basin.
  • Larimer County, CO is Hiring!
    Larimer County is located in north central Colorado. It is the seventh largest county in Colorado based on population. The county extends to the Continental Divide and includes several mountain communities and Rocky Mountain National Park. The County encompasses 2,640 square miles that include some of the finest irrigated farmland in the state, as well as vast stretches of scenic ranch lands, forests and high mountain peaks. Over 50% of Larimer County is publicly owned, most of which is land within Roosevelt National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park. In addition to these federal lands, Colorado State Parks and Recreation Area, Larimer County Parks and local parks within urban areas combine to provide a wide spectrum of recreational opportunities that are enjoyed by both residents and visitors.