STEM in Government: 3 Growing Careers to Consider

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STEM in Government: 3 Growing Careers to Consider

Posted on November 7th, by Kyle Martin in job descriptions/glossary. No Comments

Holding a degree in a STEM-related field doesn’t always mean pursuing a career in a traditional STEM field. Nearly every industry – from nonprofits to corporate businesses – need STEM knowledge to perform optimally. Government agencies in particular have a strong need for individuals with the skills to protect their information and their country’s infrastructure. … Read More »

Are You Interested in a Freelance Writing Career?

Posted on December 10th, by Mariia Lvovych in job descriptions/glossary. 1 Comment

One of the great things about government is that unless something cataclysmic happens, there will always be a government and it will always need contractors in various forms. Freelance writers don’t think to go for government contracts even though they are often extremely well paid relative to the wider market, and can be a steady … Read More »

Working for USAID

Posted on May 8th, by John Sinden in job descriptions/glossary. 1 Comment

A master’s degree in international relations provides the foundational knowledge and professional skills you will need for a career in the field—which may include a service career in the government and nonprofit sectors. Students in these programs gain an in-depth understanding of international politics, nation-to-nation relationships, the growing global morality gap, and sustainable international development. … Read More »

5 Skills You Need to Pursue a Career in Political Communications

Posted on January 18th, by Chasity Cooper in job descriptions/glossary. 3 comments

Political communications is a challenging field that demands a unique set of skills. On one hand, the work allows you to focus on a cause or candidate you believe in, but politics also requires a thick skin and a quick wit. To succeed, it’s important to be a strong writer, a thorough researcher, and a … Read More »

Public Service Career Spotlight: Emergency Manager

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Typically when we think about emergency management, we think about the professionals who are on the ground when an emergency happens—such as firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, and other first responders. However, there are also a number of people who work behind the scenes to help make that response possible. Emergency management specialists are … Read More »

How to Pursue a Career in State Law Enforcement

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Law enforcement can be an exciting career choice for anyone interested in public safety. State law enforcement officers are tasked with the challenge of enforcing the law, providing patrol, and investigating crimes. This field includes a wide range of career paths that offer a variety of job responsibilities and work environments.

Within state law enforcement, you … Read More »

Emergency Services: A Job That Requires Work

Posted on February 1st, by Ryan Pennington in About the Public Sector, job descriptions/glossary. No Comments

So you want to be a first responder.  The list of folks who make this choice each year can number in the thousands. What will make you successful in fulfilling your wish; preparation? Preparing for your career in Emergency Services should start the second that you decide to pursue a position.  You see, these positions … Read More »