A Very Special Flock

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A Very Special Flock

Posted on February 11th, by Stan Skipworth in on the job. No Comments

Many years ago, my wife and I moved into a new community.  On the very day we were unloading our household items our new neighbors came over to introduce themselves.  Our visitors included a wonderful family, Scott and Mary and their children, just two houses away. Expecting our first child in a few months, we immediately appreciated and … Read More »

5 Ways to Leverage Your Pain, Disappointments and Heartbreaks

Posted on February 11th, by Meiko Patton in on the job. No Comments

What if you viewed:

Pain as fuel
Hurt as something to look forward to
Disappointments as your servant

How would that change your outlook on life? On your relationships? On your business? In your government career?

Do me a favor and indulge me until you finish reading this article. I want you to question why you believe that:

Pain is something … Read More »

An Authentic Culture Creates Strong Employee Engagement

Posted on February 11th, by Valerie Martinelli in on the job. 1 Comment

Employee engagement is a difficult code to crack. Many employers are unsure of exactly how to boost it and what works. However, one thing that we all can agree on is that it has been declining. It is not easy to find out what works because employee engagement is directly linked to organizational culture and … Read More »

Football and Faith

Posted on February 8th, by Liam Ryan in on the job. No Comments

Careers in Government likes when this article has a link to the month in which it is published. Valentine’s Day was suggested as a possible thread with which to weave but I have opted for a February event a little less obvious, but perhaps even more loved! An event that has now gone way beyond … Read More »

Is Conventional Productivity Wisdom Truly Wise?

Posted on February 8th, by Beth Beutler in on the job. No Comments

“Don’t check your email first thing in the morning.”

“Only check email at set times during the day.”

“Make appointments for important tasks.”

There’s no shortage of productivity advice out there between blogs, books, presentations and workshops. Often, you will hear repeated “conventional wisdom” concepts like the three above recycled throughout the leadership, productivity, and career space, although … Read More »

How Well Do You Know the People That Work for You?

Posted on February 8th, by Bob Tiede in on the job. No Comments

In her book “Dare to Serve” my good friend Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Chicken asks:

“How well do you know the people that work for you?”

Cheryl then asks:

“Do you know the three of four events of their lives that have shaped who they are today?”

This has now become one of my favorite questions!

As I ask colleagues and friends … Read More »

Improve Results by Replacing Accountability with Capability

Posted on February 8th, by Greg Gilbert in on the job. No Comments

Every day, many times across America;

A six-year old sits in the corner in “Time Out” for a specific length of time for performance or behavior problems.
A 15-year old is grounded for a specific length of time for performance or behavior problems.
A 50-year old team member, parent or grandparent is placed on a level of discipline … Read More »

Information Governance Insights: Who’s The Boss

Posted on February 7th, by Robin Woolen in on the job. No Comments

Every organization I’ve ever dealt with has always grappled with the issue of what to do with the Records Management group. The trend hasn’t gotten any easier with the evolution into Information Governance, if anything it has become more difficult. After all where should you put a group that manages information security as well as … Read More »

Building an Effective Corporate Wellness Program

Posted on February 7th, by Angela Gaffney in on the job. No Comments

Building an effective wellness program means we must assess, understand the health situation and think strategically.  There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to corporate wellness programming; each organization is experiencing different challenges, they are working with various size budgets, and are at different stages in the building of their corporate wellness program.

Three basic principles to consider when … Read More »

An Unparalleled Perspective of the Innovative Future of Work

Posted on January 14th, by Valerie Martinelli in on the job. No Comments

Businesses typically spend much of their time and efforts around the customer experience. After all, it is the consumers that drive our businesses and keep us going, right? However, it is our employees that drive our consumer experience and ensure that they are receiving the best experience possible. Coincidently, HR is now looking to the … Read More »