Associate Civil Engineer

  • City of LIvermore
  • Livermore, California
  • Jun 23, 2022
Full Time Engineering
  • Salary: $9,513.96 - $11,551.25 Monthly USD

Job Description

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Under direction, the Associate Civil Engineer is responsible for overseeing and performing a variety of complex professional field and office engineering work in connection with the Design, Development, Special Projects, Transportation and Construction Sections of the Engineering Division and other related engineering projects; may serve as project leader with supervisory responsibility; and performs other duties as assigned.


The Associate Civil Engineer works as a project leader on major projects or programs, may supervise technical and professional staff, makes recommendations to senior staff on complex matters, and works with administrative staff of other agencies. The Associate Civil Engineer is distinguished from the Senior Civil Engineer in that the latter may supervise a major section in the Engineering Division and may act for the City Engineer as assigned. It is further distinguished from the Assistant Civil Engineer which performs more routine engineering assignments under general supervision or project lead direction.


Direction is provided by the Senior Civil Engineer, Assistant City Engineer, or City Engineer.


The Associate Civil Engineer oversees consultants and may supervise assistant or junior professional staff, technical staff, and/or lead a design team or an engineering unit.
Examples of Important and Essential Functions
Supervisory Functions
Assigns, directs, and may supervise professional and technical staff engaged in a variety of public works, land development, and transportation projects; oversees consultants; reviews engineering work prepared by staff; may prepare performance evaluations or provide feedback on the performance of subordinate staff; and may be assigned as the lead of a project team within various engineering sections.

Administrative Functions
Oversees and/or prepares plans, specifications, and estimates for complex public works projects; reviews complex land development projects; monitors and reviews work of consulting firms and administers consultant agreements; performs and reviews a variety of transportation/traffic studies; reviews, analyzes, and prepares reports and make recommendations; prepares engineering budgets and funding requests; may be assigned to act as program coordinator on a variety of programs or be the liaison to City commissions, such as planning commission, lighting and landscape districts, and traffic impact fee programs.

General Engineering Functions
Plans and performs engineering research; directs the collection of field data; reviews and prepares engineering considerations, and plan checks new development proposals; utilizes personal computer to perform CAD, word processing, spreadsheet and specialized functions including pavement management system, master plans, and inventory data base software; administers construction contracts; supervises and prepares legal descriptions, documents, and actions necessary to acquire rights of way and easements; processes encroachment requests into city easements and rights of way; approves cost estimates and construction plans; investigates claims against the City by contractors; provides administrative and engineering assistance to developers, contractors, consultants, other agencies, and the general public to resolve complaints and problems, and ensures successful project completion.

Oversees and conducts preliminary studies of engineering projects including making calculations, preparing budgets and project schedule, gathering supporting data, and analyzing alternatives; conducts utility master plan studies and fee updates; monitors updates in the pavement management system; negotiates and prepares consultant agreements; and prepares applications for grant funding.

Specialized Functions
Based on assignment, may be assigned to one or more of the following on a rotational basis.

Project Design/Contract Administration
Performs design work on complex capital improvement projects; prepares or administers through consultants final contract drawings, city standard document contract specifications, technical specifications, cost estimates and reports for capital improvements including road projects, street maintenance, sidewalk repair program, ADA improvements, grade separations, overpasses, interchanges, buildings, , airports and golf courses; inspects construction projects; acts as resident engineer responsible for contract administration on assigned projects; and tracks budget and schedule for all assigned capital improvement projects.

Development Plan Review
Oversees and reviews plans, maps and easements; checks tentative maps; checks final maps, improvement plans and industrial/commercial building sites for conformance with conditions of approval, city plan check manual and city standards and policies; writes engineering conditions for new development including subdivisions, site plans, conditional use permits, planned unit developments; works in the City's permit center, as assigned; and assists with administering the City's lighting and landscaping assessment districts.

Designs signing and striping plans, and traffic signals; monitors the City's traffic impact fee program; determines trip generation rates for development proposals; prepares and reviews traffic studies; reviews traffic aspects of development proposals; and conducts traffic surveys.

Performs engineering work on complex capital improvement projects involving water distribution systems, storm drain systems, sewer collection systems, water reclamation plants, and other systems; prepares or administer through consultants planning reports and construction contract documents including drawings, city standard contract specifications, and technical specifications for capital improvements; researches data to determine design criteria in accordance with required standards and codes; provides technical input to Water Resources staff regarding system modifications; and tracks budget and schedule for all capital improvement projects.
Job Related and Essential Qualifications
Demonstrated Knowledge of :
Civil engineering principles, practices and methods of planning, design, construction and maintenance of public works, wastewater, and/or water projects; the strengths, properties and uses of construction materials; freeway interchange and other major transportation project design principles; principles, practices, and methods of design for subdivision maps and improvement plans; water distribution, wastewater collection, and storm drainage systems; wastewater treatment plants; land surveying; effective contract administration methods and procedures; hydraulics, mechanical, structural and sanitary engineering; assessment districts and Mello?Roos districts; transportation/traffic engineering principles; Caltrans and other government agency policies and procedures for project development; environmental report process including CEQA and NEPA requirements; solid waste management techniques; effective report writing requirements and techniques; effective communication techniques; personal computer usage and software applications; principles and practices of effective supervision.

Demonstrated Skills to :
Perform and/or direct preliminary engineering and final design work including preparation of environmental documents, plans specifications and estimates for major transportation and utility projects; prepare conditions of approval for major development projects, checking improvement plans and estimates, and checking subdivision maps; effectively work with administrative staff of other agencies to accomplish joint projects; manage programs such as lighting and landscape district program, pavement management program, and traffic impact fee programs; administer large consultant contracts; supervise others in the successful completion of projects; make sound decisions regarding complex issues; utilize personal computers and computer software to perform CAD, word processing, spreadsheet, project scheduling, and specialized functions such as master plans, pavement management system, or data base software; outline and analyze engineering data and prepare complete and comprehensive reports; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; and exemplify an enthusiastic, resourceful, and effective customer service attitude with all who are contacted in the course of work.

Ability to :
Effectively apply the required knowledge and skills in the daily performance of assigned duties; and learn and apply the City's policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and ordinances that are necessary for this job classification.

Experience, Education, and Training Guidelines
Any combination of experience, education, and training that would provide the best qualified candidates. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities would be:

Experience : Three years of progressively responsible public works related professional engineering experience in civil, wastewater, water, transportation or related engineering field.

Education : Equivalent to a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in civil engineering or related field.

Training : Any recent training such as academic courses and certification programs which are relevant to this job classification.

License : Certain positions may require the possession of a valid California driver's license at the time of appointment and a satisfactory driving record as determined by the City.

Certification : Registration as a Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California with good standing is required.

Other Requirements : Willingness and ability to work scheduled and emergency overtime, and be available on call as required; attend meetings, conferences, and seminars during work and non?work hours; and work under adverse conditions such as in traffic, around heavy construction equipment, and in inclement weather.

Special Requirements : Essential duties require the mental and/or physical ability to work in a standard office environment; may drive a vehicle; read fine print on blueprints and computer monitors; converse by telephone, two?way radio, in person, or around the noise of heavy construction equipment; move across rough terrain and bridge scaffolding; climb into and out of sewers and trenches, up 25 foot ladders, and several flights of stairs; use drafting instruments, calculators, and personal computers; and strength to safely lift and maneuver office supplies, blueprints, and boxes weighing up to 30 pounds.

Additional Information
The City of Livermore is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.

Association of Livermore Employees

Please click here for a copy of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Association of Livermore Employees. The information contained here is a summary of benefits. For a more detailed summary of benefits for all employee groups, click here . Any errors or omissions do not constitute either an expressed or implied contract. Updated 5/2022

10/01/2021 - 09/30/2025

10/11/2021 2.0% + $725.40/year
10/10/2022 3.5% + $754.56/year
10/09/2023 2.5% + $777.36/year
10/07/2024 2.0% + $796.80/year

$1,950/month towards medical, dental, and vision; unused balance paid in cash to employee.

FT - $60,000 EE coverage or PT - $30,000 EE coverage, ER paid
$1,000 dependent coverage, ER paid

EE option to purchase $25,000 additional life insurance& supplemental life to $500,000 (not to exceed 5x annual earnings).

ER paid
60% of base monthly earnings to $5,000/month max. (180 day waiting period)

New City of Livermore EEs are enrolled in the 2% at 60 formula or 2% at 62 formula, depending on eligibility, as per AB 340.

Classic PERS Misc Member - 2% at 60
  • Member Rate = 7% EE paid
  • Employer Rate = 38.31% ER paid
  • 36 consecutive months Final Comp
  • Sick Leave Credit
  • 4th Level 59 Survivor Ben.
  • Military Service Credit

New PERS Misc Member - 2% at 62
  • Member Rate = 6.25% EE paid
  • Employer Rate = 38.31% ER paid
  • 36 consecutive months Final Comp
  • Sick Leave Credit
  • 4th Level 59 Survivor Ben.
  • Military Service Credit

MEDICARE (Hired after 3/31/86)
EE paid 1.45%
ER paid 1.45%

ER contribution of 4% of base pay into RHS account.


Years of Service Total Accrual Per Year 1 80.6 hrs 2-5 120.12 hrs 6-10 135.98 hrs 11-15 160.94 hrs 16-19 180.18 hrs 20+ 192.4 hrs

Prorated for part-time EE.
Maximum accrual: 340 hours

Holidays: 12 observed holidays or in lieu day off or if work 2.5 times pay.
Holiday-In-Lieu Pay: EE's assigned receive 7.5% of base salary, paid per pay period

96.2 hours/year
Pro-rated for part-time EE

  • FAMILY SICK LEAVE : For immediate Family Illness- ½ Annual Sick Leave Accrual.
  • PARENTAL LEAVE : For non-birthing parentwho becomes a parent due to adoption, foster care placement, or birth of a child- 48 hours
  • BEREAVEMENT/ FUNERAL LEAVE (non-immediate family) : 3 regularly scheduled workdays of sick leavecanbe used foraunt or uncle.

3 regularly scheduled workdays max for immediate family.

Full-Time: 16 hours per year
Pro-rated for part-time EE.

EE may use accrued leaves in compliance with City Rules & Regs
Benefit provided as per regulations: Federal Family and Medical Leave Act, California Family Rights Act, and California Pregnancy Disability Act

ER contributes $75 per pay period, with required matching of $75 by EE

2022 Maximum :
Normal = $20,500
Age 50+ = $6,500
Catchup Limits = $41,000
Voluntary EE Participation

No ER contribution
2022 Maximum
Dependent Care*: Up to $5,000/year -- *See IRS Pub #503
Unreimbursed Medical: Up to $2,850/year
  • Pre-tax Health Care Premiums
  • FSA's for Dependent Care
  • Unreimbursed Medical Expenses
  • Other options offered by plan administrator

$850 per year/ paid in equal amounts per pay period
For Public Safety Dispatchers, Senior Public Safety Dispatchers, Supervising Public Safety Dispatchers, Police Clerks, Senior Police Clerk, Supervising Police Clerk, Animal Control Officers, Police Identification Technician, Supervising Property and Evidence Specialist, Property and Evidence Specialist, Community Service Specialists, Crime Analysts, and Crime Prevention Specialist.

Paid annually in July: $200/year for Meter Readers, and employees in Engineering Technician, Neighborhood Preservation Officer, and Building Inspector series who perform field work, and Public Works employees that are required to wear safety shoes or boots.

Reimbursement of up to $150/year for purchase of safety prescription glasses for EEs working in locations where there is a risk of eye injuries.

EEs regularly assigned to city facilities operating 24/7 - $2.50/hour for all hours worked when assigned to a shift requiring EE work at least 4 hours between 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 a.m.

Public Works EEs: $12.00/day for EE who operates Class A vehicle, min of 50%+ operation/day.

2 hours straight-time for standby on regularly scheduled work day
3 hours straight-time for standby on regularly scheduled days off and fixed City holidays

3 hours min @ OT rate for FLSA nonexempt. First 3 hours can't be taken as comp time but paid to EE.

If work min of 3 consecutive workdays, paid @ 5% differential or the minimum of the salary range of the higher classification.

If in connection with EE's usual official duties, 3 hrs min @ OT, or 4 hrs min @ OT for those required to appear on normal day off or on graveyard shift.

$90/pay period for full pay period while assigned.

$60/pay period for both written & conversational. Must be certified by Department Head and approved by Admin Services Director, and used on the job.

$35/pay period for conversation level as certified by Department Head and approved by Admin Services Director.

20 minutes and for each minute exceeding 20 minutes at OT rate.

Standard = $40/month (if authorized)
See Administrative Regulation 36 for details.

$35/pay period with valid CA Commercial Driver's License and valid DOT medical card.

OT for > 40 hrs/week or > 8 hrs/day in a reg scheduled day or hrs in excess of those normally scheduled & worked/day @ 1 ½ x reg. pay or Comp Time in lieu of OT for FLSA nonexempt. Accrued Comp Time in excess of 100 hours must be paid out.

75% reimbursement fortuition & books
For undergraduate studies, $4,000 FY max; $16,000 lifetime max
For graduate studies, $5,000 FY max; $10,000 lifetime max

100% reimbursement for required licenses and certifications

Three (3) sessions per incident per family member. Unlimited telephonic consultations.

168 hour pay period beginning Monday at 12:01 a.m., ending 7 days later on Sunday at 12:00 midnight. If an EE is not on this work week schedule, something must be in writing documenting EE's work week.

For WR Operator series : 168 hour period beginning Sunday at 12:00 midnight,
ending 7 days later on Saturday at 11:59 p.m.

26 pay periods per year

Benefits listed are for regular full-time employees. Benefits are prorated for 30-hour and 20-hour employees.

ER = Employer
EE = Employee
FT = Full-Time
PT = Part-Time

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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