Police Officer Trainee

  • City of LIvermore
  • Livermore, California
  • May 26, 2022
Full Time Public Safety
  • Salary: $35.75 Hourly USD

Job Description


CLICK HERE for a copy of the job flyer. Trainees are initially hired in a non-sworn civilian classification and earning $35.75 per hour with benefits while attending the Police Academy. Upon graduation and at swearing in, the Trainee becomes a Police Officer. Monthly salary for police officers including holiday-in-lieu (HIL) pay start at $9,143 with excellent benefits. For more detailed benefits, please refer to the "Benefits" tab of this job posting.

As part of the application process, Police Officer Trainee applicants are required to complete the POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB - written test) and the POST Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB - physical agility test) . Select police academies will administer these specific written and physical agility tests. Contact Human Resources at HR@LivermoreCA.gov with further inquiries regarding this requirement or test location recommendations. The following two scores must be submitted for your application to be complete:

  • A passing score of 50 or higher on the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) written test dated within the last six months from the date of application submission.
  • A passing score of 320 or higher on the POST Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB) Physical Agility Test written test dated within the last six months from the date of application submission

You may attach copies of your scores when submitting your online application. If you do not attach the documents at the time you submit your application, you must email them to HR@LivermoreCA.gov or fax to (925) 960-4105 in order for your application to be complete. (Note: After submitting your application, you are not able to edit your application after you have submitted it and therefore you must email or fax the required documents.) You must submit a complete application package in order to be considered and invited to an interview.


The below description is for the classification of Police Officer.


Under direction, a Police Officer patrols an assigned area to protect life and property, prevent crime, maintain order, and enforce laws, ordinances and constitutional mandates; performs investigative work in detection of crime; performs public service tasks; and other duties as assigned.


This is the entry level class in the sworn law enforcement series. Persons in this classification work within the framework of established law enforcement procedures and are expected to exercise independent judgment in dealing tactfully with the public in emotional situations and to react effectively in emergency situations.


Direction is provided by a Police Sergeant or a higher sworn management position.


May provide direction to Police Cadets, Community Service Specialists, Reserve Police Officers, volunteers, temporary employees and other employees, as assigned.

Examples of Important and Essential Functions

Field Functions

Patrols an assigned area of the City by vehicle, foot, or as designated by the supervisor; maintains law and order; responds to emergencies as directed over the radio and telephone; conducts investigations of complaints and crime reports to determine if a crime has been committed; investigates traffic accidents; administers first aid and gives assistance to the injured; makes arrests; serves subpoenas and warrants; guards prisoners; questions suspects; notes and reports unsafe conditions; prepares evidence and appears in court; searches for stolen property and lost persons; provides directions and information to the public regarding laws, ordinances, traffic safety, and available public services and resources; issues citations of traffic violators; analyzes facts, clues, and evidence and makes investigations to determine the identity of law violators and to locate their whereabouts; maintains effective working relationships with other law enforcement agencies, employees, and the public; operates radio and other communication equipment; protects life, property, public order, and the constitutional rights of all citizens; and takes notes from verbal communication.

Administrative Functions
Writes and prepares reports and completes forms at a rapid rate of speed; collects and gathers data and information using electronic and other resources; and uses computers to perform various functions.
Job Related and Essential Qualifications

Demonstrated Knowledge of :

Basic English grammar, composition, spelling, punctuation, and report writing techniques; basic mathematics; effective communication and public speaking techniques; problem solving techniques; effective interpersonal relations; computer operating systems and software applications.

Demonstrated Skills to :

Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; read, understand, explain, implement, and enforce technical material consisting of laws, policies, regulations, guidelines and orders concerning the protection of life, property, and the maintenance of law, order, and the peace; observe and accurately recall names, faces, numbers, incidents and places; think and act quickly in emergencies; analyze situations and adopt effective courses of action; use good judgment in making decisions, often under pressure; understand and carry out written and oral directions; speak clearly and concisely; write at a fast rate of speed to prepare accurate and factual written reports; perform basic math computations; safely operate motor vehicles; establish cooperative relationships with co-workers, supervisors, public officials, employees of other agencies; be mentally alert to make observations; relate effectively to the general public; utilize computers and computer software, as required; adhere to the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T) Code of Ethics.

Ability to :

Work as a member of a team or autonomously with minimal supervision; learn and apply City and departmental rules, regulations, policies, and orders; and work effectively with the public, co-workers, non-sworn personnel, supervisors, and other local, state and federal government and law enforcement agencies.

Experience, Education and Training Guidelines

Any combination of experience, education and training that would provide the best qualified candidates. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities would be:

Experience : Experience working in a police program or police department is desirable.

Education : Equivalent to graduation from high school. College courses related to law enforcement are desirable.

Training : Any recent training such as academic courses and certification programs which are relevant to this job classification.

License : Possession of a valid California Driver's license and a satisfactory driving record as determined by the City.

Age : Minimum 21 years old.

Other Requirements : Willingness and ability to work any shift; work holidays, weekends, scheduled and emergency overtime; be available on call, as required; work under potentially hazardous conditions taking all necessary safety precautions; learn and retain a great deal of factual material; attend training classes during work and non-work hours, as required; wear a uniform; comply with department's grooming standards; maintain high moral character and integrity; and demonstrate a high desire for self-improvement.

Special Requirements : Essential duties require the mental and/or physical ability to: lift, drag, and transport objects/individuals weighing up to 150 pounds; see well enough to drive vehicles, read small print, detect subtle shades of color with no color deficiencies and vision no less than 20/100 uncorrected in either eye and 20/30 corrected in either eye; hear well enough to detect unusual sounds, distinguish voices over background noise; speak and hear well enough to communicate over the telephone, radio, and in person at distances of up to 50 feet; voice volume and speech clarity to command during an emergency; use of hands and fingers to write, operate equipment, drive a vehicle, discharge various weapons, operate a personal computer keyboard; sit and/or stand for long periods of time; other physical requirements as in the P.O.S.T. Medical Screening Manual

Additional Information
The City of Livermore is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.

Livermore Police Officers Association
FLSA Non-Exempt Positions

The information contained here is a summary of benefits for Police Officers and Police Sergeants. Click here for a copy of the current Livermore Police Officers Association Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). For more a more detailed summary of benefits for all employee groups, click here . Any errors or omissions do not constitute either an expressed or implied contract.Updated: 5/2022

5/1/2021 - 4/30/2025

5/10/21 2.5% increase
5/9/22 3.5% increase
5/8/23 3.5% increase
5/6/24 3.5% increase

ER max =$1,950/month towards medical, dental & vision; unused balance paid in cash.

$80,000 EE coverage, ER paid
$1,000 dependent coverage, ER paid
EE option to purchase $25,000 additional life insurance& supplemental life to $500,000

66 2/3% of base monthly earnings to $7,000/month max.
Cost per month: $29.70; ER pays $29.70
(Amount added to base pay and EE pays deduction)
30 day waiting period (60 if WC)

New City of Livermore EEs are enrolled in the 3% at 55 formula or 2.7% at 57 formula, depending on eligibility, as per AB 340.

Classic CalPERS Safety Member - 3% at 55
  • Member Rate = 9% EE paid
  • Employer Rate = 21.29% ER paid
  • 36 consecutive months Final Comp
  • Sick Leave Credit
  • 4th Level 59 Survivor Ben.
  • Military Service Credit

New CalPERS Safety Member - 2.7% at 57
  • Member Rate = 13%EE paid
  • Employee Rate = 13.44% ER paid
  • 36 consecutive months Final Comp
  • Sick Leave Credit
  • 4th Level 59 Survivor Ben.
  • Military Service Credit

MEDICARE (Hired after 3/31/86)
EE paid 1.45%
ER paid 1.45%

ER contribution of 5% of base pay into RHS account, with a mandatory EE pre-tax contribution of 1% of EE base pay.

VACATION ACCRUAL Years of Service Total Accrual Per Year 1-4 102.96 hrs 5-11 137.28 hrs 12-14 171.60 hrs 15-16 188.50 hrs 17+ 205.66 hrs Maximum accrual: 315 hours

7.5% of base hourly pay (paid per pay period)

96.2 hrs/year

  • FAMILY SICK LEAVE - Immediate Family Illness: ½ Annual Sick Leave Accrual.
  • PARENTAL LEAVE - Non-birthing parentbecomesa parent by adoption or birth of a child - 44 hrs
  • BEREAVEMENT LEAVE - 3 work shifts max to be used for sister-in-law, brother-in-law, spouse's grandparents.

3 work shifts max for immediate family

16 hrs per year.

EE may use accrued leaves in compliance with City Rules and Regulations. Benefit provided as per regulations: Federal Family and Medical Leave Act, CA Family Rights Act, and California Pregnancy Disability Act

2022 Maximum :
Normal = $20,500
Age 50+ = $6,500
Catchup Limits = $41,000
Voluntary EE Participation/ No ER contribution

No ER contribution
2022 Maximum
DependentCare*: Up to $5,000/year;*See IRS Pub #503
Unreimbursed Medical: Up to $2,850/year
  • Pre-tax Health Care Premiums
  • FSA's for Dependent Care
  • Unreimbursed Medical Expenses
  • Other options offered by plan administrator

$1,250 per year (equivalent to $48.08 per pay period)
(New officers will receive a lump sum payment of $1,250 at time of hire for Uniform Allowance and will not receive the per pay period benefit for the first year.)

Employees assigned to CID get 2.75 hrs/day assigned and will be provided a take home vehicle for assignment. Specific positions assigned: CIB (1 Sgt, 2 Detectives), Traffic (2 Officers), and Crime Scene (1 Officer). Unused leave paid out at end of calendar year

3 hr min @ OT rate

$800 per month for canine assignment to handle, train, board, and provide care relating to the canine. Officer provided a take home vehicle as part of canine duties.

Court Pay:
3 hr min @ OT rate
4 hr min @ MOU OT rate for graveyard shift or normal day off

Court Cancellation Pay :
If court appearance is cancelled within 24 hrs prior to event, 2 hrs @ OT rate.

$140 pay period while assigned as FTO

$80.77/pay period. Must be certified by Chief of Police as meeting court interpreter standards
Conversational bilingual pay: $45/pay period

$0.25 hr pay @ OT rate

CELL PHONE ALLOWANCE (If authorized) - See Administrative Regulation #36 for details
Standard = $40/month

5-10 yrs. service: 3%
11+ yrs. service: 6%

Police Officers:
POST Intermediate:$350/month
POST Advanced: $450/month

Police Sergeants :
POST Intermediate, Advanced & Supervisory Certificates + 60 college credits: $600/month

7K exemption, establishing a 28 day FLSA work cycle.
Accrued Comp Time in excess of 200 hours is paid out.

75% reimbursement for tuition & books
For undergraduatestudies, $4,000 FY max; $16,000 lifetime max
For graduate studies, $5,000 FY max; $10,000 lifetime max

Three (3) sessions per incident per family member.Unlimited telephonic consultations.

28 consecutive calendar day period. Beginning Monday at 6:00 a.m., ending 28 days later on Monday at 5:59 am.

26 pay periods per year

The benefits listed are for full-time employees. Part-time employees receive pro-rated benefits.

ER = Employer
EE = Employee
FT = Full-time
PT = Part-time

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Job Address

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