Executive Grants Analyst

  • State of Nevada
  • Carson City, Nevada
  • May 21, 2022
Full Time Administrative Analysis and Research Fundraising or Grants Administration

Job Description

Announcement Number: 361935060

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Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination and Management
100 N. Stewart Street, Ste. 200 | Carson City, Nevada 89701
Phone: (775) 684-0156 | www.grant.nv.gov


Executive Grant Analyst, Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination and

Recruitment Open To:All qualified applicants.

AGENCY RESPONSIBILITIES: Since its creation in 2011, the Nevada Grant Office has remained nimble,
evolving to address the dynamic challenges facing grant-seeking organizations. Assembly Bill 445 (AB 445) of
the 2021 legislative session continues this momentum by establishing the next phase of the office's evolution in
its mission to bring more federal grant dollars into the state. AB 445 transitions the Nevada Grant Office from
the Department of Administration to the Office of the Governor and renames it the Governor's Office of
Federal Assistance, effective July 1, 2022. Objectives of the Office include, but are not limited to:
• Identify methods for expanding opportunities for obtaining federal assistance;
• Identify performance metrics and targets relating to obtaining and maximizing federal assistance
and improving the administration of grants;
• Identify methods for the effective administration of grants; identify specific tasks which must be
performed to improve the administration of grants and maximize the amount of federal assistance
received by this State and a schedule for implementing any such tasks; identify best practices for
considering whether to respond to a grant opportunity, including, without limitation, the monetary
and programmatic cost of implementing a grant;
• Identify methods for streamlining process, regulatory, structural and other barriers to the
acquisition of federal assistance that exist at each level of federal, state or local government;
• Identify opportunities for reducing administrative costs associated with obtaining federal
assistance; and
• Identify opportunities for coordination between state agencies, local agencies, tribal governments
and nonprofit organizations to avoid duplication and achieve common goals.

RECRUITING FOR: This position reports to the Administrator of the Nevada Grant Office. This is a
telework position that allows for scheduled part-time access to a shared office located in Carson City or Las
Vegas. In-person meetings or travel, while limited, may be required. An employee in a telework positions is
expected to self-manage, be available during established work hours (which can be somewhat flexible), and be
productive and successful without a shared physical office environment.

The Office seeks applicants who thrives in a fast-paced, changing environment who is able to contribute to and
champion the Office's transition to the Governor's Office of Federal Assistance. Candidates will contribute to
Laura E. Freed

Matthew Tuma
Deputy Director

Kristen Stout

Steve Sisolak
Governor C:Usersq.ashleyAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.OutlookPASU33GCommsEGA-Job Description (002).docx

and oversee legislatively mandated programs and serve as a model to the State in grant management and
regulatory compliance.

With minimal oversight, Executive Grant Analysts must be able to:
• Work as an engaged, proactive, and supportive member of a dynamic, collaborative, flexible,
driven, and professional teleworking team;
• Engage stakeholders and provide effective customer service, complaint resolution, and support
through kindness, competence, and professionalism;
• Research, interpret, communicate, monitor, and apply relevant federal, state and program policy,
eligibility, and requirements;
• Actively contribute toward achieving office objectives by making and articulating data- and
policy-informed recommendations;
• Thoughtfully, clearly, and engagingly present information tailored to a variety of stakeholder
groups such as leadership, councils, committees, legislative bodies, agencies, members of the public,
• Proactively seek out and capitalize on areas of opportunity, removing barriers, and solving
problems through application of strong research, reasoning, creative, critical thinking, and analytic
• Lead teams and hold meetings to discuss and move forward progress and deliverables based on
program requirements;
• Concurrently manage multiple tasks of varying priority and independently determine a course of
action to meet deadlines;
• Apply exceptional written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills.

While the position may perform a wide variety of duties, the main area of focus is communications, including:
• Coordinate and execute division communications across a variety of communication platforms
with diverse groups of stakeholders including federal, state, local, quasi-government, and non-profit
• Serve as the Single Point of Contact per Executive Order 12372.
• Maintain the agency's website, ensuring currency, accuracy, and accessibility of information.
• Conduct continual investigation and assessment of user experiences throughout the grant
lifecycle to determine barriers and areas of opportunity; collate and analyze qualitative feedback;
make data-informed recommendations on initiatives and process changes.
• Provide technical assistance and consultation to agencies and entities seeking guidance; leverage
data to proactively provide targeted technical assistance and consultation.
• Lead outreach communications, advertising activities, and develop and maintain a network of
grants-related connections; leverage data and call-lists to inform targeted outreach including, but not
limited to, developing initial connections, follow up throughout the grant lifecycle, distribution of
funding opportunities, resource distribution, resource collection, and fostering collaborative

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor's degree and one year of grant-related experience or a
combination of education and experience that demonstrates the candidate's ability to perform the job duties is
required. Prior grant-related experience preferably includes applied knowledge and demonstrated success of
grant administration, processes, application development, and reporting, and the ability to obtain, apply, and
communicate knowledge of federal award regulations, administrative and audit requirements, and cost
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Additional skills include:
• Advanced Microsoft Office skills and a high degree of technological literacy and adaptability is
• Experience working in a telework environment with demonstrated achievement of deliverables is
• Professional grant certification is preferred
• At least one year of customer service and/or communications experience is required
• Experience conducting needs assessments is preferred
• Experience applying qualitative data analysis to make data-informed recommendations or actions
resulting in significant gains in key performance measures is preferred
• Experience working with call-lists to achieve objectives is preferred
• Trainer or consultancy experience is preferred
• Experience with electronic delivery of training or consultancy is preferred
• Experience updating websites is preferred

APPROXIMATE Annual Salary: Up to $69,740 plus benefits * (Salary range reflects retirement (PERS)
contributions by both the employee and employer. An employer paid contribution plan is also available with a reduced
gross salary.)

Benefits: The State benefits package includes a retirement system, paid health, vision, dental, life and
disability insurance; 11 paid holidays, and paid sick and annual leave. Other employee paid benefits such as
deferred compensation plans are available.

Position Location: Carson City, Nevada or Las Vegas, Nevada

Internal Candidates apply here: https://hcm20.ns2cloud.com/sf/jobreq?jobId=10832&company=SONHCM20

External Candidates apply here: https://nv.jobs2web.com/job-invite/10832/

The State of Nevada is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action in recruitment of its employees
and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion or belief, age, disability, sex, sexual
orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, domestic partnership, genetic information (GINA), or compensation
and/or wages.

Closing Date/Time: Until recruitment needs are satisfied

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