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  • City of Vallejo
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  • Jun 04, 2022
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What is the Transfer List?

The Transfer List is a way for current City of Vallejo employees to be able to express interest in being considered for either a Lateral Transfer (same classification; different department, division, or team), or a Downgrading Transfer (voluntary demotion to a lower classification, either within the same department, division, or team; or a different department, division, or team). The Transfer List is open on a continuous basis, so applications are always accepted. Our recommendation is to submit an application if you think you might be interested, even if there is no vacancy currently.

To be placed on the voluntary transfer list:

1. Click the (apply) button above and submit a complete online application and identify in the supplemental questionnaire the classification for which you are seeking a transfer. Your application should contain the most up to date and accurate information regarding your work history.

2. You may be required to participate inthe selection process (supplemental questions, oral panel interview, etc.)if requested by Human Resources or the hiring department.

3. For Lateral Transfers: The position you wish to transfer to must have the same salary range and similar qualifications as your current class title.

4. For Downgrading Transfers (voluntary demotions): The position you wish to transfer to must be a lower classification than the one you currently hold, and you must meet the minimum qualifications of the lower classification. If you are applying for a Downgrading Transfer, please indicate that inQuestion #2 of theSupplemental Questionnaire.

Please Note: You must meet the requirements outlined above to be placed on a transfer list. Additional information regarding the transfer process may be found in Civil Service Commission Rule 23. If you have any questions please contact Human Resources at (707) 553-7211.

What happens after I have been placed on the voluntary transfer list?

Once you have completed and submitted your application for the voluntary transfer list, the Recruitment & Selection Team will assign you to the appropriate list. Then when we receive a requisition from a department for recruitment, we will check those lists before running an open recruitment, and refer the names of those employees who have requested transfer for that classification. Departments are required to consider those transfer requests, but are not required to agree to the transfer.
For Downgrading Transfers, your application serves as the required request. Once the department has considered your request, and if they agree to grant your request, it will then go to the Civil Service Commission for a hearing. The outcome of that hearing will ultimately determine whether or not the downgrading transfer is approved.
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