Jail Officer (CD)

  • Hanover, Virginia
  • Oct 31, 2021
Full Time Public Safety
  • Salary: $44,242.85 - $78,973.49 Annually USD

Job Description


General Description: This is a sworn, semi-skilled position. The incumbent performs routine duties to provide the safety and security of incarcerated inmates for the jurisdictions of Hanover County, Caroline County and the Town of Ashland.

Organization: The Jail Officer position is part of Pamunkey Regional Jail's Career Development Plan (CD). The Jail Officer has five (5) levels ranging from Jail Officer to Jail Officer - Career. The Jail Officer reports to a Sergeant and supervises no staff.

Essential Functions: (Any one position may not include all of the tasks listed nor do the listed examples include all tasks which may be found in positions of this class.)

• Transport inmates to authorized locations following Pamunkey Regional Jail Standard Operating Procedures;
• Control and monitor housing areas in order to control access to housing areas and cells, monitor inmate behavior and activity, maintain accurate records of inmates and monitor movement occurring inside the facility;
• Search inmate cells in order to locate and seize contraband or weapons found in the inmate population and ensure attempts to escape are stopped or prevented;
• Ensure inmates receive appropriate nutrition and hygiene;
• Respond to emergency situations or codes in order to establish control and safety of co-workers and inmates;
• Ensure inmate behavior is within the facility policy and procedures;
• Processes new arrestees into and out of the facility;
• Review and verify inmates have fulfilled their court ordered sentence prior to being released;
• Ensures inmate visitation is conducted as according to policy;
• Ensures inmate programs are available to the inmates;
• Ensures inmate records and sentences are calculated and entered correctly;
• Ensures inmates are properly classified and housed throughout the facility;
• Oversees authorized inmates to work out in the community and on the facility grounds;
• Ensures all of the incoming mail is processed and delivered to the inmates on a daily basis;
• Ensures inmates are transported to their scheduled court date, medical appointments, etc.;
• Coordinates the maintenance of the facility's vehicles;
• Coordinate necessary in-service and recertification training for all personnel;
• Coordinates the operation of a Jail Basic Training Academy for new employees;
• Performs related work as assigned.

Working Conditions:
• Interaction with people and inmates during stressful and dangerous situations
• Exposure to OC spray and electrical discharge from stunning/incapacitation devices
• Inside
• Outside
Physical Effort
• Minimal
• Must be able to crawl, kneel, lift, run and climb to include stairs
• Must be able to lift up to 30#

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: General knowledge of correctional methods, practices and procedures, required. Ability to exercise tact and judgment in handling visitors and in maintaining the behavior of prisoners. Ability to prioritize and follow oral and written instruction. Ability to develop skill in the use of firearms and other emergency equipment, including breathing apparatus and fire extinguishers. Ability to analyze situations and adopt quick, effective and reasonable courses of action. Ability to monitor inmate activities and properly restrain individuals.

Education, Experience and Training: Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age; High school graduate or equivalent required, preferably supplemented by college level course work in criminal justice or related field or jail related experience. Ability to successfully complete the appropriate training as prescribed by the Commonwealth of Virginia for this position, including first aid. Any equivalent combination of education, experience and/or training sufficient to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities may be acceptable.

Special Conditions:
• Criminal Records Check, including fingerprinting
• Valid Commonwealth of Virginia Driver's License
• Twelve month probationary period
• Shift work, including weekend, holidays and nights
• Work beyond normal work schedule
• Essential staff designation
• Pre-employment physical examination, audiometric testing, drug testing, alcohol screening and repeated according to policy thereafter
• Must wear uniform, including safety equipment
• Must maintain phone for emergency contact

Special Instructions to Applicants

Salary based on job experience, military history, related education and/or jail officer certification through DCJS.
If selected to proceed in the hiring process, please be prepared to present the following items at the time of interview:
- High School Transcripts (sealed in envelope)
- Driver's License
- DD214 (copy 4), if applicable
All employees must maintain active phone for emergency contact
Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Job Address

Hanover, Virginia United States View Map