Program Coordinator - Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP)

  • Mohave, Arizona
  • Sep 24, 2021
Full Time Fire and EMS Project Management Public Health
  • Salary: $51,792.00 - $59,966.40 Annually USD

Job Description

Job Summary

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*Mohave County is currently recruiting for the position of Program Coordinator - Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) in Public Health located in Kingman, AZ*

*This is a Grant Funded Position*

Performs professional and administrative work in the development, implementation and coordination for operation of a comprehensive countywide public health bio-defense preparedness and response program.

Work is performed under general direction of a higher level of authority. Work is performed with considerable latitude for discretion and judgment in the administration of program goals and objectives. Work is reviewed through conferences and results achieved.

As assigned, may exercise technical, functional or direct supervision of assigned personnel. Directly exercises technical and functional supervision of those involved in the development, implementation and conducting of coordinated program requirements and protocols.

Essential Job Functions

  • Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the activities involved in implementing and coordinating a comprehensive countywide public health bio-defense preparedness and response program.
  • Develops and implements an effective countywide plan for responding to incidents of bioterrorism, other infectious disease outbreaks and other public health threats and emergencies. Organizes and develops the resources necessary to implement the plan and achieve the expected results. Develops a countywide or regional hospital plan that would accommodate, in an emergency, at least 500 patients.
  • In collaboration with the County Epidemiologist, Information Technology staff and others as identified, assures the infectious disease surveillance system operates effectively and efficiently, including the ability to receive and evaluate urgent disease reports from throughout the county on a 24-hours per day, 7-days per week basis. Ensures participation in statewide electronic disease surveillance programs and activities.
  • Determines level of readiness by conducting assessments of emergency preparedness and response capabilities related to bioterrorism, other outbreaks of infectious disease and other public health threats and emergencies.
  • Develops a plan to receive and manage items from the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile (NPS) and other sources, including mass distribution of antibiotics, vaccines and medical material. Trains staff and other identified individuals to implement the NPS plan.
  • In collaboration with the Communications Manager, Information Technology staff and others as identified, assures the public health communications system operates effectively and efficiently, including the ability to provide and disseminate critical health information 24-hours per day, 7-days per week basis, between hospital emergency departments, state and county health department officials, and law enforcement. Ensures that the public is appropriately informed by using effective risk communication and information dissemination practices and protocols.
  • Establishes and promotes relationships with hospitals, physicians, laboratory staff members, clinical service providers and provider office staff, community health centers, and urgent care centers to ensure timely and accurate reporting and to assure effective collaboration in the event of a natural or intentional biologic event or disease outbreak or other Public Health emergency or crisis.
  • Coordinates, oversees and implements outbreak containment and control, and other public health response activities appropriate for disease outbreak, major biologic event or other public health emergency or emergency/crisis situations.
  • Organizes, coordinates and provides technical support for the Bio-Defense Preparedness and Response (BDPR) Team which is comprised of regional public health and health service providers.
  • Reviews, organizes, develops and routinely updates to assure current, up-to-date information of the Bio-Defense Preparedness and Response (BDPR) Plan and assures its distribution to team members.
  • Promotes recognition and acceptance by community agencies of the Mohave County Incident Command Structure required to respond to a biologic event or other public health disaster, and the appropriate role to be assumed by each agency during a public health emergency or crisis situation.
  • Develops collaborative relationships with other city, county and state government agencies, private sector organizations and community health care providers who have a role in responding to either a natural or intentional biologic event or disease outbreak that threatens community health and safety.
  • Plans, coordinates, conducts and facilitates programs, training, conferences, workshops and readiness exercises and develops goals and objectives, strategic plans, program policies, procedures, guidelines, workbooks and manuals.
  • Coordinates the preparation of state and federal project applications, progress reports and other materials required for state and federal assistance in bio-defense preparedness and response activities. Identifies available resources and negotiates agreements for sharing of resources.
  • Coordinates with and assists governmental, public health and health services/provider agencies in developing coordinated emergency response plans, conferring with various public and private agencies and official in identifying human and material resource needs and in formulating plans for resource mobilization during an emergency.
  • Plans, maintains and coordinates activation of Bio-Defense Preparedness and Response (BDPR) operation center facilities and equipment. Conducts tests of telecommunication, computer and other emergency operation equipment to assure equipment is functioning at an appropriate level.
  • Designs and conducts readiness exercises, providing instruction and guidance to exercise and event participants. Evaluates effectiveness and efficiency of exercise and event responses. Compiles and prepares instructional and awareness materials.
  • Compiles documentation used for preparation of detailed reports and applications to state and federal agencies for financial/grant support and reimbursement and financial assistance needed to recover from declared disasters.
  • Develops and maintains an up-to-date emergency participant directory to be used for call-out during an emergency, crisis and for use in conducting readiness exercises.
  • Prepares annual budget and develops forecasts, performance measures and indicators.
  • Compiles information and performs research for special projects as assigned. Develops and implements automated systems for tracking progress and documenting status of project activities.
  • Create and maintain a supportive work environment with other departments and community programs, Public Health divisions, and Public Health leadership on accreditation domain while maintaining a culture of quality improvement.
  • Apply basic principles, practices, techniques, teaching, and communication methods related to the age, gender, race/ethnicity, educational level and socioeconomic status of community members.
  • Communicate and act in a cultural competent and professional manner maintaining cooperative relationships with community members, co-workers, and work contacts.
  • Performs related work as required.
  • Performs special assignments as requested.
  • Exercise regular and predictable attendance and punctuality in accordance with Mohave County Personnel Policies and Procedures.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in public health, public or business administration, organizational management, epidemiology, microbiology, or related field (Master's Degree preferred).
  • Three (3) years of professional responsible experience in program development and evaluation, organizing and managing strategic and operational preparedness and response planning and training projects, and working collaboratively with a variety of health professionals including physicians, nurses, pharmacists and clinical/laboratory personnel.
  • May be required to possess a valid State of Arizona Driver's License at the start of employment and maintain said license while employed in this position.
  • Provide acceptable driving history at no cost to the County.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:
  • Principles of planning, developing and coordinating emergency preparedness services and programs and the techniques of emergency response and recovery, preferably in a Public Health environment.
  • Federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to public health practices and administration.
  • Dynamics and effects of bioterrorism in the public health field and other public health emergency and crisis situations.
  • Interrelationships, responsibilities, goals, and functions of public health, health services and providers, and local, state and federal government in planning and implementing emergency services and response.
  • Principles, practices and methods of epidemiology to include investigations, field studies and surveillance and the processes of analyzing data.
  • Environmental, biological, agent and host factors associated with the occurrence of diseases, modes of disease transmission and epidemic patterns of disease.
  • Governmental, public health and health service providers organization and functions.
  • Conducting public information forums, conferences, workshops and readiness exercises and presenting critical and public information and awareness issues.
  • Supervisory management techniques and practices.
  • Developing and writing grants and contracts and supporting documentation.
  • Department policies, rules and procedures
  • Mohave County Personnel Policies and Procedures, and Department Regulations.
Skill in:
  • Developing strategic and logistical plans, establishing comprehensive program manuals and guidelines, and writing and implementing policies, procedures and protocols.
  • Preparing clear, concise and accurate reports, recommendations, and other professional documentation.
  • Conducting detailed research and prepare reports and findings.
  • Utilizing personal computer systems, hardware and software, in the performance of work assignments, such as word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, statistical analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), Internet research, and e-mail functions.
  • Communicating and maintaining professionalism with the public, co-workers, and work contacts.
Ability to:
  • Facilitate meetings to achieve needed outcomes and motivate people and teams.
  • Organize, coordinate and develop training programs and tactical exercises and drills.
  • Coordinate the activities of various individuals, agencies, and service providers.
  • Anticipate, analyze and evaluate potential emergency, disaster, and crisis problems and institute effective responses to address problems and situations.
  • Understand, interpret and apply pertinent federal, state, county, city, and departmental laws, rules, regulations, codes, standards, policies, procedures and directives governing emergency, disaster and crisis preparedness and response and encountered in the performance of assignments.
  • Read, interpret and analyze technical, medical, demographic and statistical data and laboratory reports.
  • Communicate ideas clearly, concisely and effectively, orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with and elicit cooperation and support of employees, other agencies, service providers, health care professionals and the public.
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing with personnel at all levels of the organization, other health officials, representatives of other agencies and the general public.
  • Develop and conduct public awareness presentations and public health training, development and readiness exercise sessions.
  • Application of manual and automated systems for storage retrieval and analysis of data and in conducting work functions.
  • Work independently in completing assigned tasks and in maintaining records and other documentation accurately and legibly.
  • Perform the essential functions of the job specifications with or without a reasonable accommodation.
  • Comply with Mohave County Personnel Policies and Procedures, and Department Regulations.

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