Psychiatrist-Medical Director

  • County of Yolo
  • Woodland, California
  • Nov 28, 2021
Administration and Management Public Health

Job Description


Yolo County, Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) is recruiting to fill one (1) at will position in the class of Psychiatrist- Medical Director. This position is currently intended to be approximately 32 hours/week but may be more or less depending on the need of the agency and based on input from the candidate chosen.

This is single-position classification serves as the Medical Director for the Yolo County Health and Human Service Agency (HHSA) Behavioral Health (BH) System of Care, which includes the Children and Adult Systems both internal to HHSA and our external partners. The Medical Director has ultimate authority and responsibility for medical/psychiatric system services, in addition to overseeing quality assurance issues relating to medical practice, including chart reviews internally and externally. The Director will be responsible for all administrative duties associated with the psychiatric service delivery system, will supervise all prescribers and nursing staff, and will serve as an integral part of the Department's Management team. Other work will include direct client care 25% of the time, policy/procedure development, and performance metrics development and monitoring. The incumbent will be involved in system-wide initiatives to improve and integrate care for clients, and they will represent the County BH department at various County and state committees while maintaining relationships with the local Mental Health Board and County Board of Supervisors. Preferably, the Medical Director will also be able to provide medical oversight of HHSA's continuum of substance use disorder services/providers and increasing care integration for clients with physical health conditions

Under administrative direction of the Mental Health Director, performs psychiatric evaluations of patients and develops and implements treatment plans; coordinates and supervises the delivery of services to clients, staff, departments, schools, community organizations, courts and other agencies; and performs other related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics
This is an at will, single-position classification that serves as the Medical Director for the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Department and has primary responsibility for all diagnosing, treating, prescribing and/or ordering of drugs which may only be performed by a licensed physician or other qualified prescriber within the department. The Medical Director has ultimate authority and responsibility for medical/psychiatric system services in addition to overseeing quality assurance issues relating to medical practice.

Essential Functions

The following duties are typical of those performed by the incumbent in this classification; however, other duties may also be required.
  • Assures that all system patients receive appropriate evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, medical screening and medical/psychiatric evaluation whenever indicated, and that all medical/psychiatric care is appropriately documented in the medical record;
  • Assures psychiatric involvement in the development, approval, and review of all policies, procedures, and protocols that govern clinical care;
  • Ensures the availability of adequate psychiatric staffing to provide clinical, medical, administrative leadership and clinical care throughout the system;
  • Recruits, evaluates, and supervises physicians (including residents and medical students), and oversees the peer review process;
  • Assures, through an interdisciplinary process, the appropriate credentialing, privileging, and performance review of all clinical staff;
  • Provides direct psychiatric services;
  • Advises the Director on the development and review of departmental programs, positions, and budget issues that impact clinical services;
  • Assists and participates with the Director in maintaining a clearly defined and regular relationship with the local mental health board and Board of Supervisors;
  • Assures the quality of treatment and related services provided by the department's professional staff through participation (directly or by designee) in ongoing quality assurance and audit processes;
  • Provides oversight to ensure appropriate continuum of programs, level of care criteria, standards of practice and psychiatric supervision for each program (internal review of level of care determinations and appeal of adverse UR decisions is an additional component of this process);
  • Participates in the development of a clinically relevant, outcome evaluation process;
  • Provides liaison for the department with community physicians, hospital staff, and other professionals and agencies with regard to psychiatric services;
  • Attends court hearings, works closely with attorneys, and responds to questions and/or testifies under oath;
  • Develops and maintains, whenever possible, training programs in concert with various medical schools and graduate educational programs;
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Employment Standards

Experience: One (1) year of full-time, paid professional experience as an administrator in a public or private psychiatric or rehabilitative counseling agency.

License: Possession of a valid Physician's and Surgeon's Certificate issued by the Board of Medical Examiners of the State of California; a current Drug Enforcement Association (DEA) license; and certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology or ability to obtain certification within one (1) year from the date of appointment.

Some positions in this classification may require incumbents to possess and maintain a valid California driver's license, Class C or higher, to carry out job related duties. Individuals who do not meet this requirement due to a physical or mental disability may request a reasonable accommodation.

Knowledge of: principles, practices and medications involved in diagnosing and treating mental illness; mental health laws; current developments in the field of psychiatry; clinic organization and procedure; principles and practices of modern medicine; cultural, social, and emotional factors affecting human behavior; multi-human services available in the community.
Ability to: Manage clinical staff, analyze and propose policy and procedure, utilize data and information systems, provide effective treatment of mentally ill patients; analyze situations accurately and take effective action; prepare clear and concise reports; establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, patients, and other contacted in the course of work.

Application & Selection Process

Application Process
It is highly recommended that you print this job bulletin for future reference.

Your application should highlight all relevant education, training, and experience, and clearly indicate how you meet the minimum qualifications for the position as of the final filing date. Application information must be current, concise, and related to the requirements in this job announcement. A resume may be included with your application; however, it will not substitute for the information requested on the application. In addition to a completed application, applicants are required to submit a completed supplemental questionnaire. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Additional documents may be submitted to the Yolo County Human Resources Office in any one or more of the following ways:
  • As an attachment to the online application
  • By e-mail to
  • By fax to (530) 661-2674
  • By hand-delivery to 625 Court Street, Room 101, Woodland, CA 95695. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
All required documents must be received by the Human Resources Office by the final filing date. Postmarks will not be accepted. Human Resources is not responsible for the untimely delivery of materials sent via U.S./specialized mail, or County interoffice mail.

Selection Procedure
The following is a tentative schedule of events that will occur as part of the selection process. The selection process steps may change with or without notice.

TBD Screen for Minimum Qualifications
TBD Department Selection Interviews
TBD Reference Checks (Finalist candidates only following interviews)
TBD Tentative Job Offer/Livescan/Drug & Alcohol Screen

Verification of Education
Acceptable forms of educational documentation are official or unofficial transcripts that list the student's name, institution name, field of study and date the degree was awarded.

For recent graduates who have not received proof of their degree yet, a letter from the registrar's office stating that all requirements for graduation have been met and listing the field of study will be sufficient proof of graduation.
Please do not send originals; copies of the required documents are acceptable. Any submitted documents will not be returned.
All foreign transcripts or diplomas must be in English. If the institution does not provide these documents in English, the applicant will need to provide a translation which has been done by a professional agency. The County of Yolo will accept education as equivalent to U.S. accreditation from Institutions that are listed as members of the International Association of Universities. You may check for your school by visiting the IAU web site ( ).

Applicants who possess a degree or completed coursework that is not from an accredited college or university, must submit one of the following:

1. A written statement from a U.S accredited university or college that states that the applicant is qualified for entrance to a program of graduate studies for which a degree in a related field is required.
2. An evaluation of the applicant's degree and coursework equivalency by a private organization that provides foreign credential evaluation services. The evaluation must include a comparison of comparable U.S. courses for content, credit and grade.

Note: Foreign language documents must include a precise word-for-word English translation of all foreign language documents. It is the responsibility of each applicant to prove to the satisfaction of the County that the applicant meets the specific requirements listed on the job announcement for each specific examination. The following is a list of private organizations that provide foreign credential evaluation services. Fees range from $50 to $400 per document; processing times vary from 5-20 business days. For further information, please contact the organization(s). The County of Yolo does not endorse these business entities; this list has been developed for informational purposes only.

EDUCATIONAL RECORDS EVALUATION SERVICE 601 University Ave., Suite 127 Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 921-0790
(619) 265-5810
CENTER FOR APPLIED RESEARCH, EVALUATION & EDUCATION, INC. P.O. Box 18358 Anaheim, CA 92817 (714) 237-9272
GLOBAL SERVICES ASSOCIATES, INC. 409 North Pacific Coast Highway, # 393 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 828-5709

Contact Information
For questions about the position or about employment with the County, please contact HHSA Human Resources by e-mail at or by phone at (530) 666-8600.

Equal Employment Opportunity: It is the policy of the County of Yolo to provide equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, physical disability (Including HIV and AIDS), mental disability, medical condition (cancer or genetic characteristics/information), age (40 or over), marital status, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, or any other classification protected by federal, state or local laws or ordinance. The County will comply with all of its obligations under State and Federal laws regarding the provision of reasonable accommodations to applicants. Reasonable testing arrangements may be made to accommodate applicants with disabilities or who are unable to attend a scheduled test due to religious reasons in accordance with the Fair Employment and Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please call the County of Yolo Human Resources Office at (530) 666-8055 at least five (5) business days prior to the scheduled test date to request accommodation. Documentation from a medical doctor, rehabilitation counselor, or other qualified professional will be required.

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