Mobile Home Park Rental Review Board

  • City of Palmdale, CA
  • Palmdale, California
  • Apr 07, 2021
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The Mobile Home Park Rental Review Board consists of five members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. All members of the Board serve at the pleasure of the City Council, and any member may be removed, with or without cause, by a majority vote of the City Council. Board members serve a two year term.
Please contact the City Clerk Division with any questions via email
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Duties and Responsibilities :The duties and responsibilities of the Board shall include the following:
(1) The Board shall make any recommendations it deems appropriate to the City Council regarding the implementation and enforcement of the provisions ofPalmdale Municipal Code Section 5.44.
(2) The Board shall hear special rent increase applications and determine whether to approve or disapprove a rent increase in the manner provided in Palmdale Municipal Code Sections 5.44.080 and 5.44.090.


Qualifications: All members must be a resident of the City of Palmdale. No member of the Board shall be a resident or owner of a mobile home park, or an employee of a park owner; and no member shall have a financial interest (as defined by state law) in any mobile home or mobile home park, or have a parent, child, spouse or sibling with any such financial interest as defined by state law. Prior to his/her appointment to the Board, each member shall file a declaration to this effect with the City Clerk. All members must have a basic knowledge of the guidelines of the Mobile Home Space Rent Control, Palmdale Municipal Code Section 5.44 available online at . Applicants should also possess a fundamental knowledge of business accounting (receivables, depreciation, capital expenditures, profit and loss statements, etc.). After appointment, a completed Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, will be required.

Meetings: The Board shall conduct an annual meeting not later than the last day of February of each year to hear public comments and a report on the prior calendar year's actions. The Board shall hold such other hearings or meeting as often as may be necessary for the Board to discharge its duties hereunder. Board Members receive $100 per meeting and the Chair receives $150 per meeting attended.
Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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