• Los Angeles, California
  • Jun 01, 2021
Full Time Education and Training Public Health
  • Salary: $105,041.04 - $157,233.12 Annually USD

Job Description





March 8, 2021 at 8:00 A.M. (PT) - This exam will remain open until the needs of the Department are met and is subject to close without prior notice.



No out-of-class experience classes will be accepted.

Provides comprehensive in-service education services to a nursing organization.

Positions allocable to this class identify and analyze the training needs of a specific category or group of employees develop planning procedures, and training programs to meet their training needs, and conducts or arranges for the conduct of such programs as well as the evaluating of their effectiveness. Senior Nursing Instructors may be assigned to an in-service or other specialized education program. Senior Nursing Instructors assigned to the Fire Department normally work under the general technical and administrative supervision of a Senior Emergency Medical Systems Program Head. They provide a full range of training of educational services to a particular segment of a large organization, or have responsibility for the development and implementation of a highly specialized and complex training or educational program throughout several segments of a large organization. Senior Nursing Instructors, In-Service, are expected to be skilled in training need identification and analysis, training program development, the conduct of instruction, and the evaluation of training effectiveness. In addition, they must be able to deal effectively with subject matter which may be highly specialized and complex, or cover a wide range of nursing technology, including the scientific principles on which such technology is based, in addition to supervisory and management principles and practices.
Essential Job Functions
  • Identifies and analyzes on an on-going basis the training needs of prehospital care providers.
  • Formulates and develops plans, procedures, and program content to meet identified training needs and objectives.
  • Leads the educational program for a geographical field division or specialty unit which consists of advanced and basic life support personnel.
  • Leads a group of subject matter experts in the development of course content and selection of teaching methods to meet educational objectives; evaluates its effectiveness and modifies content as necessary.
  • Conducts classroom instruction in the more difficult or complex areas of prehospital care while satisfying State and County requirements for course content and record keeping.
  • Monitors and evaluates the performance, skills and application of knowledge of prehospital care personnel in a clinical and/or field setting; identifies any deviations from standard of care.
  • Assists in the development of Quality Improvement (QI) indicators by reviewing the EMS Report Form documentation.
  • Drives department vehicles to various areas in the County to provide training and skill testing, attend in-service training, and attend meetings.

  • Two years nursing education experience as a Nursing Instructor* or its equivalent.
  • Current and valid Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Provider Certification issued by the American Heart Association or its equivalent.**
  • A license to practice as a Registered Nurse issued by the California Board of Registered Nursing.**
  • A valid California Class "C" Driver License is required to perform job-related essential functions.
  • Graduation from an accredited college with a Bachelor's degree or higher** in one or more of the following fields: Nursing, Public Health, Health Science, Emergency Management, Healthcare Management or Administration, Health Information Systems, Public Administration, Business Administration, Education, Biology, Kinesiology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, or Physics.**
  • Current and valid Mobile Intensive Care Nurse certification or its equivalent.**
  • Verifiable experience as an American Heart Association Instructor in one or more of the following areas: Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Prehospital Care Trauma Life support.
  • Verifiable experience in:
    • conducting classroom instruction relating to areas of prehospital care.
    • working in a prehospital care setting.
    • working in emergency department setting.

*A Nursing Instructor is defined as someone who develops specialized training programs or educational course content for a group of employees, presents this content in a formal learning situation, supervises its application in a clinical setting, and evaluates effectiveness of the training in achieving predetermined training objectives under technical supervision.

**Note: Applicants for this position must provide this information at the time of filing or within fifteen (15) calendar days of filing your application online.
In order to receive credit for any college course work, or any type of college degree, such as a Bachelor degree, or higher, you must include a legible photocopy of your official transcripts to verify course work from the accredited institution which shows the area of specialization. Applicants for this position must include this information at the time of filing or within fifteen (15) calendar days of filing your application online. Internet transcripts are not acceptable.

***Accreditation: Accredited institutions are those listed in the publications of regional, national or international accrediting agencies which are accepted by the Department of Human Resources. Publications such as American Universities and Colleges and International Handbook of Universities are acceptable references. Also acceptable, if appropriate, are degrees that have been evaluated and deemed to be equivalent to degrees from United States accredited institutions by an academic credential evaluation agency recognized by The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services or the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.

3 - Moderate: Includes standing or walking most of the time, with bending, stooping, squatting, twisting, and reaching; includes working on irregular surfaces, occasionally lifting objects weighting over 25 pounds, and frequent lifting of 10-25 pounds.

Additional Information


This exam will consist of TWO (2) parts:

PART I: An Evaluation of Education, Experience, and Desirable Qualifications weighted at 40% based upon application Information.

Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher in Part I in order to advance to Part II.

PART II: A multiple choice test weighted 60% that will assess:
  • Professional Potential
  • Achievement
  • Coping with Uncertainty
  • Responsibility
  • Working to High Quality Standards
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Working Relationships
  • Analyzing Information
  • Learning Quickly
  • Generating New Ideas
  • Using Time Efficiently
  • Adapting to Change
  • Deductive Reasoning

Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher on each weighted part in order to be placed on the eligible register.


Note: All important notifications including invitation letters and Final Test Result notices may be sent electronically to the email address provided on the application. It is important that you provide a valid email address. Please add and to your email address book and list of approved senders to prevent email notifications from being filtered as spam/junk/clutter mail.

Applicants have the ability to opt out of emails from Los Angeles County. If you unsubscribe, you will not receive any email notifications for any examination for which you apply with Los Angeles County.

Regardless of whether you choose to unsubscribe, you can always check for notifications by logging into and viewing your profile inbox, which saves a copy of all emailed notices.

It is your responsibility to take the above steps to view correspondence. Los Angeles County will not consider claims of not viewing or receiving notification to be a valid reason for late test administration or re-scheduling of a test component.

Test scores cannot be given over the phone.

Applicants that have taken identical written test part(s) for other exams within the last 12 months, will have their written test responses for the identical test part(s) automatically transferred to this examination. This examination contains test parts that may be used in the future for new examinations. Your scores will be transferred to the new examination and you may not be allowed to re-take any identical test parts for at least 12 months.

Study guides and other test preparation resources are available to help candidates prepare for employment tests. An interactive, Online Test Preparation System for taking practice tests may be accessed on the Department of Human Resources website at . Please click on Job Info Center, then click on Employment Test Preparation. You can also access test preparation for the computerized portion of the test by going to . While test study guides will help in preparing for the test, we advise you to review ALL related materials that you deem necessary.

The names of candidates receiving a passing grade on the examination will be placed on the eligible register in the order of their score group for a period of 12 months following the date of promulgation.

Applications will be processed on an as-received basis and promulgated to the eligible register accordingly.



Candidates who are extended a conditional offer ofemployment will be required to complete a background check, including a reviewof any criminal convictions, which requires a fingerprint scan. Acandidate with a conviction history which has a direct and adverse relationshipwith the duties of the Senior Nursing Instructor position may undergo theprocess for his/her conditional offer of employment to be rescinded. Ifrescinded, a candidate's name will be removed from the certification listpursuant to Civil Service Rule 6.04.

The eligible register resulting from this examination will be used to fill Senior Nursing Instructor vacancies in the County of Los Angeles Fire Department as they occur.

Any Shift- Appointees must be willing to work any shift, including evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Applications must be filed online only. We must receive your online application by 5:00 p.m. (PT), on the last day of filing. Applications submitted by U.S. mail, fax, or in person will not be accepted. Apply online by clicking on the green "Apply" button, when it becomes available, at the top right of this posting. You can also track the status of your application using this website. If you are unable to access the website, you may enter the following link to access your profile: .

NOTE: We must receive all required documents, if any, at the time of filing or within fifteen (15) calendar days of submitting your online application. Please check your application to ensure that the documents are uploaded by logging on to County of Los Angeles Department of Human Resources website and reviewing your submitted application. Applicants must submit all documents to be considered (official diplomas, official transcripts, certificates, etc.) during application submission. All documents must be clear and legible. Although resumes may be uploaded as attachments to the online application, resumes cannot be accepted in lieu of completing the online application. If you are unable to attach documents, you may e-mail it to or fax the documents to (323) 264-7159 at the time of filing or within fifteen (15) calendar days of submitting your online application. Failure to provide the documentation will result in application rejection . Please include your Name, the Exam Number, and the Exam Title on the e-mailed and faxed documents.

Please note that ALL information included in the application materials is subject to VERIFICATION at any point during the examination and hiring process, including after an appointment has been made. FALSIFICATION of any information may result in DISQUALIFICATION or RESCISSION OF APPOINTMENT. Utilizing VERBIAGE from the Class Specification and Minimum Requirements serving as your description of duties WILL NOT be sufficient to demonstrate that you meet the requirements. Doing so may result in an INCOMPLETE APPLICATION and you may be DISQUALIFIED.


It is important that you provide your own Social Security Number (SSN) at the time of filing to ensure your application is processed accurately. Please include your SSN for record control purposes. Federal law requires that all employed persons have a SSN.

If you do not already have an account/profile with the County of Los Angeles, you will need to create one. All applicants must file their application online using their OWN user ID and password. Using someone else's user ID and password will erase the original application record.

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California Relay Services Phone: (800) 735-2922
Department Contact Name: Fire Examination Section
Department Contact Phone: (213) 466-5500
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Department Contact FAX: (323) 264-7159
Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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