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  • Apr 05, 2021
Full Time Environmental Services Project Management
  • Salary: $77,181.84 - $104,006.16 Annually USD

Job Description

FILING START DATE: 03/16/21 at 7:00 a.m. (PT). This examination will remain open until the needs of the department are met and is subject to closure without prior notice.


REPOSTING INFORMATION: This announcement is a reposting to reopen and update the filing period and Special Requirement Information.

TYPE OF RECRUITMENT: Open Competitive Job Opportunity

No Out-Of-Class Experience Will Be Accepted


Provides administrative coordination and management services for professional personnel involved in the provision of services to the public through a complex, specialized departmental program, under the direction of the central administrative staff director of the department.

Positions allocable to the Program Manager II are distinguished from administrative assistant positions by their responsibility for providing administrative direction of all aspects of specialized departmental programs. Program is defined as a decentralized operation in a County department which 1) has separate entity as a budget unit; 2) provides specialized professional services to the public; 3) operates under policy guidelines established by a professional assigned as program director; and 4) involves participation and interaction of other agencies; both public and private. The Program Manager II functions as the management specialist, staff coordinator, and administrative representative of the department on the project team. Positions allocable to this class have responsibility for a program which involves complex contractual agreements with funding or service agencies, extensive cooperative and reciprocal agreements with other agencies and County departments, continuous service to clients necessitating the compilation and retention of case records and the provision of post-consultive services and considerable consequences of action due to either the large size or complexity of program, funding or requirements.

Essential Job Functions

Provides overall coordination, tracking, and administration of various programs and projects conducted under the County's Energy & Environmental Policy.

Collaborates with ISD, other County departments, other local governments and public agencies, state agencies, and third parties in planning and implementing energy and environmental projects and programs within County facilities and operations.

Prepares and administers contracts and agreements with vendors to provide energy efficiency and environmental services.

Maintains liaison with various agencies and organizations including County departments, local, State and Federal agencies, community agencies , and other concerned parties, both public and private.

Provides progress reports and deliver presentations/trainings to management and stakeholders as needed.

Establishes milestones and monitors adherence to program plans and schedules, identifies program problems and obtains solutions, such as allocation of resources or changing contractual specifications.

Develops strategies and tactics when needed to ensure effective program performance relative to market opportunity, working closely with company functional groups over the entire life cycle.

Analyze program implementation results and stakeholder feedback to strategize about the evolution of program design, outreach and implementation activities.

Develops energy and environmental policy program scopes of work and schedules.

Represents the County at regulatory proceedings and workshops and other local governmental and public agency proceedings.

Conducts and receives training within the County and outside the region and travel as needed.

Drives to and from various work sites.

Graduation from an accredited* college or university and four (4) years of experience in a general administrative staff capacity** analyzing and making recommendations for the solution of problems of organization, systems and procedures, program, facilities planning, budget or personnel; one (1) year of the four (4) years must have been involved with contracting, specifying, acquiring, implementing, managing, or analyzing energy efficiency or environmental projects, services or programs; and two (2) years of the four (4) years must have been at the level of Administrative Assistant III.*** A Master's degree from an accredited graduate school in Public Administration, Business Administration, Environmental Studies, Environmental Planning, or Environmental Policy will be accepted for one (1) year of the required four (4) years' experience in a general administrative staff capacity.**


A valid California Class C Driver License is required to perform job-related essential functions.

Successful applicants for positions that require driving must obtain and present a copy of his/her driving record from the California State Department of Motor Vehicles before final appointment. Applicants should not present a copy of their driving history until asked to do so by the hiring department. The County will make an individualized assessment of whether an applicant's driving history has a direct or adverse relationship with the specific duties of the job. License must not be currently suspended, restricted, or revoked.

2 - Light. Light physical effort which may include occasional light lifting to a 10 pound limit, and some bending, stooping, or squatting. Considerable walking may be involved.

*Accredited institutions are those listed in the publications of regional, national, or international accrediting agencies which are accepted by the Department of Human Resources. Publications such as American Universities and Colleges and International Handbook of Universities are acceptable references.
For a list of acceptable accredited institutions or international universities, please visit,, or

Foreign studies must be evaluated by an academic credential evaluation agency and deemed to be equivalent to degrees from the United States. For a list of acceptable evaluation agencies, please visit or Foreign studies submitted without acceptable evaluation will be rejected.

In order to receive credit for completion of a Bachelor's degree or higher, applicants must include a legible copy of the official diploma, official transcripts, or official letter from an accredited institution which shows the area of specialization at the time of filing or within 15 calendar days of filing.

**Staff capacity is defined as work performed to assist and support administration by doing research and making recommendations to administration for the solution of problems of organization, procedure, program, budget, or personnel.

***Experience at the level of Los Angeles County's class of Administrative Assistant III is defined as independently defining, analyzing, and making recommendations for the solution of highly complex**** operating, budgetary and financing, and other management problems of a County department, and participates in the implementation of their solution.

**** Highly complex is defined as independently analyzing and make recommendations to management regarding problems spanning the full spectrum of the following matters: organization, staffing, program planning, systems and procedures, facility planning, budget, and general management and personnel as it relates to energy efficiency or environmental projects.


  • Knowledge and experience with procurement, contracting trends, and programs related to energy and environmental issues in a government agency.
  • Knowledge of policies mitigating climate change and greenhouse gases in California.
  • Knowledge of protocols for qualifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions in California.
  • Knowledge of certification standards used to classify "green buildings."
  • Experience using a personal computer and software (e.g; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) in order to produce various documents, such as memos, reports, or spreadsheets.

Additional Information

  • PLEASE NOTE: You can visit, log into your profile and check you inbox. The box retains a copy of all emails sent for your records.
  • ALL information included in the application materials is subject to VERIFICATION at any point during the examination and hiring process, including after an appointment has been made.
  • FALSIFICATION of any information may result in DISQUALIFICATION.
  • Utilizing VERBIAGE from Class Specifications and Selection Requirements serving as your description of duties WILL NOT be sufficient to meet the requirements. Doing so may result in an INCOMPLETE APPLICATION and you may be DISQUALIFIED.

This examination will consist of an Oral Interview covering training and experience and the general ability to perform the duties of the position weighted 100%.

Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher on the oral interview in order to be placed on the Eligible Register.

The names of candidates receiving a passing grade in the examination will be placed on the Eligible Register in the order of their score group for a period of twelve (12) months following the date of promulgation. PASSING THIS EXAMINATION AND BEING PLACED ON THE ELIGIBLE REGISTER DO NOT GUARANTEE AN OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT.

Applications will be processed on an as received basis and promulgated to the eligible register accordingly.

No person may compete for this examination more than once every twelve (12) months.

The resulting Eligible Register for this examination will be used to fill vacancies in the Internal Services Department, Environmental Initiatives Division located at 1100 North Eastern Avenue., Los Angeles, CA 90063.


Applications must be filed online only. Applications submitted by U.S. Mail, Fax, or in person will not be accepted. Apply online by clicking on the "Apply" button for this posting. You can also track the status of your application using this website. If you are unable to access the website, you may enter the following link to access your profile:

We must receive your application and additional documents, if any, by 5:30 pm, PDT, on the last day of filing. If you are unable to attach the required documents you may fax or email the exam analyst within 15 calendar days of filing. Please include the exam number and the exam title.

Provide any relevant job experience and training in the spaces provided so we can evaluate your qualifications for the job. For each field, give the name and address of your employer, your title, beginning and ending dates, number of hours worked per week, description of work performed.

All information is subject to verification. We may reject your application at any time during the examination and hiring process, including after appointment has been made. Falsification of any information may result in disqualification or rescission of appointment.

Direct copies of class specifications and selection requirements as your description of duties will not be sufficient to meet requirements.

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: Please include your Social Security Number for record control purposes. Federal law requires that all employed persons have a Social Security Number.

COMPUTER AND INTERNET ACCESS AT PUBLIC LIBRARIES: For candidates who may not have regular access to a computer or the internet, applications can be completed on computers at public libraries throughout Los Angeles County.

NO SHARING OF USER ID AND PASSWORD: All applicants must file their application online using their own user ID and password. Using a family member's or friend's user ID and password may erase a candidate's original application record.

The County of Los Angeles is a Fair Chance employer. Except for a very limited number of positions, you will not be asked to provide information about a conviction history unless you receive a contingent offer of employment. The County will make an individualized assessment of whether your conviction history has a direct or adverse relationship with the specific duties of the job, and consider potential mitigating factors, including, not limited to, evidence and extent of rehabilitation, recency of the offense(s), and age at the time of the offense(s). If asked to provide information about a conviction history, any convictions or court records which are exempted by a valid court order do not have to be disclosed.

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