Building Combination Inspector-LDCS

  • 2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North, North Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dec 21, 2020
Code Enforcement and Inspections

Job Description


Inspects building construction and renovation in progress and upon completion to verify continuous compliance with approved plans, specifications and applicable codes and ordinances. Performs inspections, investigates and analyzes problems and recommends solutions for more complex systems and construction.


Combination Inspector: This is the advanced journey level class in the Inspector series. Positions at this level are distinguished from other classes within the series by the level of responsibility assumed and the complexity of duties assigned. Employees perform the most difficult and responsible types of duties assigned to classes within this series which may include inspections of commercial buildings in all four areas of the construction: structure, electrical, plumbing and mechanical. Employees at this level are required to be fully trained in all procedures related to assigned area of responsibility.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following)

  • Performs field inspections and construction projects to ensure that on-going construction is in compliance with applicable codes, ordinances and regulations.
  • Reviews residential and commercial buildings plans and specifications for new construction and major renovation work to ensure adherence with applicable construction codes, ordinances and regulations.
  • Inspects existing buildings and premises for change of use, occupancy or compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.
  • Confers with architects, contractors, builders, tenants and property owners in the field and office to explain and interpret requirements and restrictions; and to discuss/resolve noted construction deficiencies.
  • Investigates complaints and may issue notices of violation to contractors with detailed instructions for correction.
  • May be required to prepare affidavits of complaint.
  • Prepares and maintains detailed reports of inspection results.
  • Performs other duties as required.
When performing building inspections:
  • Inspects foundation, concrete, steel, masonry, wood construction, framing, plastering and a large variety of other complex and routine building system elements.
  • Inspects footings and grout for block walls and retaining walls.
  • Inspects fire damaged property for safety.
  • Inspects mobile home set-up for code compliance.
When performing electrical inspections:
  • Inspects electrical installations for residential housing and commercial buildings.
  • Inspects sign foundations and electrical wiring.
  • Inspects swimming pools and spas for steel, plumbing, gas and electrical installations.
  • Performs electrical wiring inspections in hospitals, gas stations and garages.
  • Inspects and witnesses load bank testing of emergency generators.
  • Inspects electrical connections at carnivals and fairs.
  • Inspects fire damaged buildings for electrical safety.
When performing plumbing/mechanical inspections:
  • Conducts hydrostatic tests on fire and water systems.
  • Conducts and witnesses smoke detector tests.
  • Performs plumbing/mechanical inspections on commercial buildings and custom homes.
  • Inspects fire hydrant water systems.
  • Inspects ground plumbing for sizing and proper slope.
  • Inspects on-site sewer lines, storm drains and manholes.
  • Inspects plumbing fixtures for proper sizing and radius fittings and to verify that approved materials were used.
  • Inspects air condition and heating installations for code compliance.
When serving as a Combination Inspector:

In addition to the functions outlined above, the following functions are performed:
  • Inspects buildings as assigned for code compliance with all phases of construction, building, electrical and plumbing/mechanical.
  • Enforces planning and zoning regulations.
  • Inspects singe family dwellings in all phases of work for compliance with uniform building, electrical and plumbing/mechanical codes.


Education and Experience:
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Three years of experience as a Building, Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical Inspector.

Licenses and Certifications:
  • Possession of International Code Council (ICC) certification in all four inspection areas (building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical) or ICC Combination Inspector or ICC Residential Combination and Commercial Combination Inspector certifications or a current International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) certification in all four inspection areas (building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical) are required at the time of hire.
  • Must possess a valid state driver's license and maintain satisfactory motor vehicle record and ability to obtain appropriate Nevada state driver's license within required time frame.

  • Building related codes and ordinances enforced by the City, including the uniform building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical codes and zoning codes.
  • Complex principles and techniques of building inspection and plans examining work.
  • Principles of structural design and engineering mathematics.
  • Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations.
  • Major types of building construction materials and methods.
  • Accepted safety standards and methods of building construction for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

  • Inspecting construction and detecting code violations.
  • Operation of a motor vehicle.

Additional Information
  • People Group: Teamster Non Supervisor
  • Grade: TNE-20
  • Minimum Salary: 27.72
  • Maximum Salary: 46.74
  • Pay Basis: HOURLY

Job Address

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