Associate Vice President and Campus Diversity Officer (20-11)

  • Humboldt
  • Arcata, California
  • Nov 01, 2020
Full Time Administration and Management

Job Description

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Humboldt State University (HSU) is pleased to invite inquiries, nominations and applications for its
associate vice president and campus diversity officer. The new AVP reports to the provost and vice
president for academic affairs and serves as a member of the President's Cabinet and Provost's
Leadership Team to provide strategic direction and vision for equity and inclusion efforts across campus.

The incoming associate vice president and campus diversity officer (AVP/CDO) will play a strategic and
crucial university wide role by providing support, organization and education to foster and promote a
campus culture that minimizes bias and recognizes and addresses systemic inequities. To that end, key
among the associate vice president's responsibilities will be:
▪ Implement the Diversity and Inclusion/Campus Climate Plan & Initiative Development
▪ Educate campus stakeholders engaging them in Professional Development and Diversity Programs, Awareness Campaigns and Events
▪ Assess Campus Efforts to Meet Diversity Goals
▪ Collaborate on Special Projects Across Campus and serve on the President's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council
▪ Management The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - people, program and budget

The successful candidate will be a skilled and committed leader, with expertise in practices to drive and principles to support diversity, equity and inclusion. Demonstrated experience collaborating effectively with diverse stakeholders in a higher education setting. This AVP/CDO will be a self-starter, eager to bring new and innovative ideas to the table and dedicated inclusive dialog when developing strategies and initiatives. The incoming associate vice president and campus diversity officer must also have an earned Master's degree. Exceptional leadership, vision, communication, and cultural competency cultural competency skills are essential for success, as is the ability to work collaboratively throughout the institution to foster a culture of mutual trust, respect, openness, and transparency.

For information on how to apply or to submit nominations, please refer to the section, "Procedure for Candidacy" at the end of this document.

Role of the Associate Vice President/Campus Diversity Officer:
Reporting to the provost and vice president for academic affairs, the AVP/ CDO serves as a member of
the President's Cabinet and Provost's Leadership Team to provide strategic direction and vision for equity and inclusion efforts across campus. T here are allies active on the campus and community beyond its footprint who have a history with diversity and inclusion to address the structural issues inherent in the decolonization of the university engaging in true universal transformational work. HS U seeks a VP who will recognize, guide and contribute to the tremendous knowledge base that currently exists within the university community to promote an equitable and inclusive campus.

The associate vice president/campus diversity officer (AVP/CDO) will play a crucial, university wide role
by providing support, organization and education to foster and promote a campus culture that minimizes bias and recognizes and addresses systemic inequities. Through the effective leadership, development and management of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI), the associate vice president/campus diversity officer pro actively plans, guides and advises leadership and executive officers on effective strategies for campus planning, policies and initiatives, to ensure the University's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Working in partnership with Academic Programs, the Center for Teaching & Learning , the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the Dean of Students , the Library and other campus stakeholders, the AVP/CDO identifies issues related to campus culture and climate in an effort to enhance the educational experience of students and establish an inclusive welcoming environment for culturally diverse students, staff, and faculty.

In response to campus feedback, the AVP/CDO's team develops and implements effective strategies for
building an inclusive campus climate that includes organizing professional development and training to
prepare and stimulate innovative strategies for staff, faculty and students as they engage, teach and
work in a culturally diverse environment. The associate vice president/campus diversity officer takes
leadership in establishing ongoing assessment and accountability of the diversity, equity and inclusion
goals of the campus.

In an effort to bridge the community and campus, this role works with other university members to
develop partnerships and alliances with local organizations and groups, enhancing capacity for policy and community based strategies. Additionally, the AVP/CDO's team is charged with overseeing the
development and implementation of campus wide diversity strategic plans, policies and practices to
include supporting the development departmental diversity plans; recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty and staff; assessing diversity initiatives; and cultivating an inclusive campus environment
promoting student success and learning outcomes.

The role of associate vice president/campus diversity officer is a full time, 12 month position and is
classified as an Administrator III position in the California State University Management Personnel Plan.

Opportunities and Expectations for Leadership:
As a member of the President's Cabinet and the Provost's Leadership Team, the associate vice
president/campus diversity officer plans, guides and advises university leadership, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and other key stakeholders on implementing effective strategies to ensure the campus successfully meets the campus' diversity and equity goals.

The following represent some of the immediate opportunities that the new associate vice
president/campus diversity officer will address during the first two to three years in office presented
here in no particular order:

Provide leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion to the HSU community:
The campus community seeks in this AVP/CDO a strategic partner who can communicate a clear and
holistic vision for diversity, equity and inclusion, one that actively addresses the structural issues inherent in the decolonization of the university and engages in true universal transformational work. Recognizing, guiding and contributing to the tremendous knowledge base that currently exists within the campus community around diversity, equity and inclusion issues, the AVP/CDO will build bridges, serve as mentor and guide and engage with faculty, staff, students, alumni and the broader community and network connected to the university. To further embrace HSU's Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and Minority Serving Institution (MSI) statuses, there are key areas of opportunity: providing guidance on and oversight via the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team for intentional recruitment, appointment, onboarding and retention processes for all faculty and staff positions; developing the infrastructure for bias training; working to create and sustain a welcoming and inclusive campus culture; and implementing purposeful and sustainable diversity initiatives.

Engage the campus community in developing a clear diversity, equity and inclusion strategic
As a strategic and creative thinker, the AVP/CDO will deftly lead the campus community through a
diversity, equity and inclusion strategic planning process that results in a clear roadmap for the university, complete with priorities, outcomes and milestones rooted in structural transformation of the university. This process will begin with the development and administration of a campus climate study to inform the process coupled with a review of all ongoing committee work and initiatives. A data informed and driven leader, the AVP/CDO will utilize both quantitative and qualitative sources to anchor the strategic plan's framework and associated initiatives to ensure a sustainable roadmap to desired outcomes. As an active listener and skilled communicator, the AVP/CDO will engage the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council and other key stakeholder groups to streng then and focus their efforts around the priorities and initiatives outlined in the new strategic plan and associated implementation process.

Grow the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
As an experienced leader and manager, the AVP/CDO will coordinate with the provost and vice president for academic affairs to determine how best to strategically grow and support the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to best support the priorities and outcomes associated with the newly created strategic plan. As HSU enters its strategic planning process for 2021 2026 , the university knows that diversity, equity and inclusion efforts will be front and center in the new plan. Campus leadership recognizes that the expansion and development of ODEI is critical to support this strategic priority moving forward so will look to the new AVP/CDO to provide creativity, insights and recommendations based on previous staffing and programming successes to continue the expansion of this critical office and associated initiatives. Additionally, the AVP/CDO will leverage existing faculty, staff and student knowledge and abilities that are already a part of the campus fabric, drawing on these resources to develop faculty and staff diversity and equity fellows and other creative opportunities while tapping into the wealth of human resources around DEI issues in the HSU community.

Collaborate with campus partners to create a responsive, communicative and engaged community in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion:
The AVP/CDO will lead the collective effort to ensure that a deep commitment to an equitable community is the shared goal of students, staff and faculty members across the institution. The AVP/CDO will broadly lead and promote a variety of collaborative events and resources necessary to achieve the sustainability and ongoing delivery of the university's diversity and inclusion agenda. The AVP/CDO will be an active convener and participant in campus dialogue on diversity, equity and inclusion, visibly present and engaged in the agenda items most critical to advancement of the mission of the university. To this end, the AVP/CDO will engage on campus as a champion and clearly communicating the vision of the University's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; acting as a community builder by harnessing the positive energy of the community around DEI initiatives and deftly moving these initiatives forward through strategic partnerships; and supporting and guiding the campus community through needed courageous conversations and learning around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Work in partnership with Academic Affairs to support student learning and inclusiveness:
Higher education finds itself in a transformative time due to demographic, cultural and technology shifts which have only accelerated in recent months. HSU is committed to enhancing the cohesion between academic affairs, student affairs, enrollment and other key stakeholder areas within the university to support a seamless student experience that allows for laser focused attention on inclusive student learning. The AVP/CDO will serve as one of the key voices in university leadership to ensure the traditional decentralized nature and structures of the university are challenged and changed as needed to support a safe, compassionate and equitable environment centered on student success.

Serve as an ambassador to the local community on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts:
In addition to having a strong, visible presence on campus, the AVP/CDO will act as an ambassador to the local community, specifically serving as a member of Equity Arcata, a collaborative partnership between City of Arcata officials Humboldt State University, community members and representatives of local businesses and nonprofit organizations. One of the keys to success in shaping and fostering a culture of inclusion will be the AVP/CDO's ability to build meaningful relationships externally and learn from what other organizations are doing. Serving as a public voice for diversity and inclusion, the AVP/CDO will also enhance existing partnerships and identify new opportunities for engagement with the community.

Engage local, region and national organizations to build diversity, equity and inclusion efforts:
The AVP/CDO will work with local, regional and national organizations to develop grant and gift support opportunities to support HSU diversity initiatives. The AVP/CDO will understand how to engage in diplomatic strategies to build foundational relationships with key local, regional and national entities that result in unique opportunities to collaborate, expand and spotlight the work happening at HSU.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Qualities
Humboldt University seeks in its next CDO a courageous, collaborative, strategic and inspiring leader who has a track record of building programs and partnerships and specific experience in addressing intersecting dimensions of diversity including racial and ethnic, physical ability, socioeconomic, religious, sexual orientation, and gender expression. Successful candidates will bring emotional intelligence and strong communication and conflict resolution skills to charged issues in order to build consensus and reconcile competing interests. Ideal candidates will have familiarity with an academic setting and the requirements of shared governance as well as a deep commitment to the academic public mission. Ideal candidates will also have demonstrated skills in collecting and using data to assess programs and ground shared accountability; supervisory experience and demonstrated strengths in coaching and mentoring; and the capacity to bring together community resources in support of institutional change and growth. A terminal degree is preferred, but not required.
▪ At least five years demonstrated successful experience and commitment to the principles of diversity,
equity and inclusion and collaborating effectively with diverse stakeholder s in a higher education
▪ Demonstrated ability to exercise independent judgment in the development, implementation and
evaluation of education programs and initiatives which address the needs of diverse populations of
students, faculty and staff.
▪ Evidence of strong verbal, written and analytical skills.
▪ Ability to communicate to a wide audience the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion.
▪ Ability to lead with optimism, perseverance and resilience, recognizing the efforts of staff and
stake holders and encouraging both to stretch their ideas and initiatives to achieve innovation and
▪ Demonstrated skill, cultural awareness and sensitivity to interact and collaborate with diverse
constituencies of various ethnic, social, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds in order to
serve as a campus leader, identify and facilitate problem resolution and to effectively educate
members of the university community effectively.
▪ Demonstrated understanding of and competence with the Standards of Professional Practice for
Campus Diversity Officers
▪ Ability to provide coaching and consultation to individuals and groups with respect to cultural challenges and conflicts.
▪ Demonstrated knowledge, skills, awareness of and commitment to contemporary issues of inclusion, social justice, diversity, access, and equity, including the current research and pedagogical approaches that inform and address these issues.
▪ Proven analytical skills and ability to provide oversight for assessments related to campus climate, diversity, and inclusion
▪ History of effective leadership in a culture of shared governance.
▪ Highly self motivated, exceptional time and project management skills demonstrating a high level of
▪ Strong and effective presentation and diversity training skills with the ability to prepare, organize and
present education programs to individuals and groups evidenced by related certification, educational
and/or professional background.
▪ Demonstrated skill in presenting complex and emotionally charged material in understandable and
usable ways.
▪ Keen political acumen with the demonstrated ability to establish and maintain productive working
relationships with campus administrators, staff, academic employees, faculty, students and members
of the public, including government and tribal officials.
▪ Ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion.
▪ Ability to inspire confidence, maintain credibility and positively represent ODEI an d senior leadership.
▪ Ability to assess and negotiate complex, highly sensitive situations.
▪ Strong skills in and working knowledge of problem solving and mediation techniques.
▪ Commitment to principles of fairness and respect.
▪ Ability to recommend appropriate interventions, make referrals and provide information regarding
campus policies and procedures.
▪ Demonstrated experience in utilizing institutional data to benchmark and promote accountability for
the diversity mission of higher education intuitions and to support/create institutional change.

Procedure for Candidacy
All applications, nominations and inquiries are invited. Applications should include, as separate documents, a CV or resume and a letter of interest addressing the themes in this profile.

WittKieffer is assisting Humboldt State University in this search. For fullest consideration, candidate materials should be received by October 16, 2020. Application materials should be submitted using WittKieffer's candidate portal . Nominations and inquiries can be directed to consultants Charlene L. Aguilar and Jen Meyers Pickard, Ph.D. at

Humboldt State University is a Title IX/Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. We consider qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, medical condition, disability, marital status, protected veteran status, or any other legally protected status. If accommodations need to be made during the recruitment and interview process, please contact Human Resources at (707) 826-3626 or
Closing Date/Time: October 16, 2020

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