Lead Lifeguard

  • Westminster, Colorado
  • Westminster, Colorado
  • Nov 18, 2019
Part Time Parks and Recreation Public Safety
  • Salary: $13.29 - $17.01 Hourly

Job Description


People choose Westminster, Colorado, because it is an extraordinary community with an honored past and an even more promising future. Our employees serve with a purpose and embrace our SPIRIT values of Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. We are known as a caring, team-oriented working environment with a commitment to excellence. Innovation and creativity are encouraged, where visionary people who want to see their projects and programs implemented thrive. Westminster's work culture encourages passionate, positive and enthusiastic employees. Our mission is clear: We deliver exceptional value and quality of life to our citizens.
The Lead Lifeguard position is responsible for ensuring the safety of guests, surveillance of the pool facility and surrounding areas, and enforcement of policies, rules, guidelines, and regulations governing the conduct of patrons using municipal swimming pools. This position assists management in mentoring and training hourly lifeguards and with monthly staff in-services. The lead lifeguard is responsible for taking initiative and motivating hourly lifeguard staff with daily tasks and initiating the Emergency Action Plan. This is a safety-sensitive position. Position requires working evenings, weekends, and holidays, and requires the ability to travel to work at all City facility pools as needed. We are currently hiring for three part-timepositions; 32 hours per week (.8 FTE).

The full salary range for this position is stated above. The starting range of pay is dependent on qualifications and experience of each individual candidate. The City of Westminster offers a bonus of up to $1,500 per year depending on the employee's fluency in Spanish, Hmong, and/or Laotian.


The mission of every employee at the City of Westminster is to deliver exceptional value and quality of life through SPIRIT. Each employee is measured by the ability to adhere to the City's core values of Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, and Teamwork.

This position supports the goals of the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department, which enhances the quality of life for all Westminster citizens by providing diverse leisure, recreational and informational services and resources; and acquiring, developing and maintaining first-class parks, facilities, open space and recreational trails. This position works towards the accomplishment of the Departments mission: "Together we create exceptional opportunities for a vibrant community with a commitment to nature, wellness and literacy."

Every employee is accountable to:
  • Demonstrate a high level of customer service; encourage others to focus on the customer; foster an environment where customer service is a priority
  • Communicate with customers to ensure that, where possible, they are satisfied, and that their needs are being addressed; solicit and evaluate customer feedback
  • Act as an ambassador by understanding and fostering the organization's mission and vision
  • Exhibit pride in self, the department, the city, and the community; conduct self in a professional manner
  • Demonstrate integrity and build trust through credibility, reliability, commitment, loyalty, and ethical behavior
  • Address difficult or contentious issues in a constructive manner
  • Support/promote change; demonstrate flexibility, and take calculated risks when appropriate
  • Participate in personal growth opportunities, and attend trainings designed to enhance capacity to bring new skills and ideas to the job and the organization
  • Work to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service or product being delivered
  • Demonstrate support for team efforts by accepting new roles and responsibilities, and helping others achieve objectives
  • Value diversity; demonstrate an awareness of differences; demonstrate sensitivity, and adapt behaviors and communication to accommodate these differences

Citywide - Every employee in this position is accountable to:
  • Establish effective interpersonal relationships through honest, open communication and follow-through on commitments
  • Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses, and target areas for personal self-development
  • Demonstrate initiative in performing job tasks
  • Exhibit problem-solving skills leading to sound judgment and quality decisions
  • Achieve goals, and handle assigned workload and new assignments effectively; demonstrate an ability to work independently
  • Communicate effectively with individuals and groups using clear and concise verbal and written communication
  • Demonstrate accountability for work and take ownership in job performance
  • Demonstrate concern for the accuracy and quality of work; take steps to correct mistakes and improve the overall product
Job Specific - Every employee in this position must be able to:
  • Demonstrate preventative lifeguarding and current lifeguard techniques, standards, and procedures related to rescue of drowning swimmers or any user in a distressful situation in or around the swimming pool
  • Act quickly and calmly in emergency situations, making proper judgments as to the correct course of action
  • Rescue swimmers in danger of drowning, regardless of situation and even if possible drowning victim resists rescue efforts
  • Pass the City of Westminster's swim and lifeguard skills test
  • Demonstrate first aid procedures common on swimming pool operations
  • Demonstrate CPR and rescue breathing skills within certification standards and the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Work courteously with the public and support the City guest/host philosophy and SPIRIT values
  • Instruct swimming classes of various age groups and ability levels
  • Enforce pool safety rules firmly and courteously with the public in a professional manner
  • Assist hourly lifeguards with enforcing or communicating rules to the public
  • Use cleaning agents, brushes, and scrub pads on pool surfaces and aquatics equipment and assist supervisor team in training for safe use of such products
  • Use computers for e-mail communication through Outlook and for timesheet entry


Essential Job Functions, Duties, Responsibilities, and Tasks
  1. Monitor activities in swimming pool areas and take action to prevent drowning, injuries, or accidents
  2. Take the lead role and initiate the Emergency Action Plan as necessary
  3. Monitor and insure completion of opening and closing duties
  4. Take initiative to perform cleaning duties including but not limited to pool, locker rooms, and deck
  5. Test water quality and make necessary adjustments to comply with established health standards
  6. Maintain and practice the City of Westminster guest host philosophy
  7. Conduct classes in swimming for various age groups and levels of ability
  8. Assist with leading monthly in-service trainings and lead lifeguard meetings as scheduled
  9. Demonstrate leadership, take initiative and make recommendations for safe lifeguard ratios and rotations
  10. Maintain regular and punctual attendance
Other Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Maintain records of water quality, activity levels and usage
  2. Lead by example in a professional manner
  3. Keep management apprised of any operational or staff issues that are observed
  4. Assist and participate in staff motivation to complete daily tasks
  5. Assist, act as a leader, and set example to other lifeguards on proper class instruction and lifeguard skills
Incumbent is accountable for all duties of this job, and other projects and responsibilities may be added at the City's discretion.


Education, Experience, Skills, Formal Training, Licenses, and Certifications
Required :
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • One (1) full year of experience as a lifeguard at a year-round public pool or two (2) summer seasons at a seasonal pool
  • CPR/AED for Lifeguards certification, Basic First Aid certification, and Lifeguard Training certification
Preferred :
  • Two (2) full years of experience as a lifeguard at a year-round public pool
  • StarGuard Lifeguard Certification
  • One full year of experience teaching swimming lessons at skill levels beginner, intermediate, and advanced
Any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and skills, may be considered.
Physical Requirements
Work performed is physical in nature and involves sufficient physical strength and stamina:
  • Constant sitting, standing, and walking throughout pool area to observe patrons' adherence to facility rules, and inspect for safety hazards
  • Constant near and far visual acuity to observe pools for possible troubled swimmers and safety hazards; constant audial acuity to be aware of troubled individual that may be out of line of sight
  • Frequent crouching/squatting, kneeling, and bending/twisting to perform pool maintenance and rescue duties; frequent climbing and balancing to ascent and descend elevated lifeguard stands
  • Frequent light grasp to hold rescue tubes throughout shift and safely use maintenance items; occasional firm grasp and fine motor skills to perform water testing, first aid, and other emergency functions
  • Occasional reaching overheard to pull up to lifeguard stands; frequent reaching below shoulder to perform pool maintenance and emergency functions
  • Occasional lifting of ten (10) pounds from floor to overhead to move equipment and supplies; occasional lifting of up to seventy-five (75) pounds from floor to chest to assist in moving furniture, equipment, and patrons on backboards
Occasionally carry seventy-five (75) pounds up to fifty (50) feet and fifty (50) pounds up to 100 feet to perform emergency rescues; occasionally push/pull seventy-five (75) pounds to remove individuals from pool area in an emergency situation, and set up bleachers for events and lane ropes for lap swim

Work is constantly performed in a high volume indoor pool setting with constant exposure to loud noise and wet/humid conditions. Work includes periods of high activity and stress during emergency situations. Sufficient physical strength, stamina, and conditioning are needed to rescue swimmers in danger of drowning who may resist rescue.
Required Materials and Equipment
Knowledge of lifeguard equipment to include but not limited to rescue tubes, backboards, bag valve masks, AED, whistles, chemical testing kits, basic pool chemicals, telephones, two-way radios, and megaphones. Uses cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment such as pool vacuum, hose, pressure washer, and scrubbers. Operates personal computers and other standard office equipment.

  • Background checks will include employment references and criminal history
  • Drug screen
  • Physical
  • Must be legally entitled to work in the United States
  • Must be able to provide proof all required certifications are current by the first day of employment
Must be able to pass the City of Westminster's swim and lifeguard skills test, and demonstrate CPR, rescue breathing skills, and the use of an AED
Closing Date/Time: 12/16/2019 8:30 AM Mountain