• Los Angeles, California
  • Oct 19, 2019
Full Time Criminology and Forensics
  • Salary: $75,487.68 - $98,999.04 Annually

Job Description

Supervising Coroner's Investigator I
Exam #R1639H-R

With more than 10 million residents, Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the nation. As the largest employer in Southern California, over 112,000 employees in more than 36 Departments provide vital public services as diverse as law enforcement, property assessment, public health protection, water conservation, cultural activities and many more.

What you will do:
Supervise investigative and support staff engaged in conducting medicolegal death investigations including identification of the deceased and notification of the next of kin, conduct complex death investigations, coordinate investigative activities and approve reports.

What qualities are we looking for:
A thorough knowledge of investigative techniques, anatomy and legal terminology including the recognition and determination of medical examiner jurisdiction. Familiarity with best practices, supervisory principles, department policies and procedures in order to direct and evaluate the work of subordinate staff.

This is an Open Competitive Job Opportunity



Essential Job Functions
  • Plans, assigns, directs, and evaluates the work performed by investigative, decedent services, and support personnel, implements and maintains the department's personnel performance standards.
  • Trains subordinates in department's operational policies, procedures, and investigative techniques, provides technical direction to investigators for unusual and complex cases.
  • Reviews investigations in progress, redirects efforts of investigators, as necessary, and reviews and approves investigative reports to ensure they are complete, concise, and factual.
  • Conducts difficult, sensitive, and complex investigations, such as multiple deaths due to homicide, accident, or disaster, when only basic investigative techniques exist or a broad scope of investigative technique is required.
  • Determines and controls the processes used in the recognition, collection, and preservation of physical evidence in investigations.
  • Coordinates subordinates case investigation activities with those of other criminal justice agencies.
  • Testifies in court as an expert witness regarding investigation findings.
  • Participates in selection of subordinates.
  • Acts for a Supervising Coroner's Investigator II in his/her absence.
  • Fly in aircraft, use boats, operate vehicles, or travel in heavy equipment to conduct investigations and remove decedents and to perform duties in areas of difficult accessibility, as needed.
  • Drive personal vehicle when performing County business; County may provide vehicles if travel is needed.
  • Conduct activity using specialized, technical safety gear under physically challenging and demanding circumstances? bends, stoops, and lifts decedents as part of investigative duties, as needed.
  • Drive a County vehicle to locations throughout the County to conduct investigation activities and transport bodies from death scenes to the Coroner's facility, as needed.
  • Oversees specialized investigative units such as the Special Operations Response Team (SORT), Training Unit, Identifications Unit and Notifications Unit.
  • Serves as Emergency Disaster Coordinator.
  • Ensures compliance with Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) requirements.



Option I: Two years of experience asa Coroner Investigator for Los Angeles County.

Current and former County of Los Angeles employees who wish to qualify using out-of-class
experience gained while working within the County of Los Angeles must provide verification of the qualifying out-of-class assignment by providing official documentation in the form of an additional responsibility bonus, out-of-class bonus, or temporary assignment bonus letter with your application at the time of filing or within fifteen (15) calendar days from application submission.Out of Class Bonuses, Temporary Bonuses, and ARB need to be approved/signed by HR Manager/representative.


Option II: Four years of active field investigative experience* in a police or criminal investigation agency, one year of which must have included a fulltime assignment as an investigator or detective.

*Field investigative experience must have included duties such as interviewing suspects, informants, and witnesses; following leads; searching for physical and documentary evidence, using evidence to substantiate findings or conclusions; examining records to detect links in a chain of evidence or information reconstructing events; and preparing reports of investigative findings.

A valid California Class "C" Driver License is required to perform job related essential functions. Successful applicants for this position will be required to obtain a copy of his/her driving record from the California State Department of Motor Vehicles before being appointed. License must not be suspended, restricted, or revoked. ANY APPLICANT WHOSE DRIVING RECORD SHOWS FOUR OR MORE MOVING VIOLATIONS WITHIN THE LAST TWO YEARS WILL NOT BE APPOINTED.

Out of state applicants must have a valid license from the state in which they reside at the time of filing and will be required to obtain a California Class "C" or above driver license by the time of hire.

  • Position is a Peace Officer Pursuant to Penal Code 830.35(c). Must meet the Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) required minimum standards for Peace Officer at time of appointment, including citizenship, age, character, and education.
  • Successful completion of the Arrest and Firearms Courses as mandated in Section 832 of the California Penal Code within the first twelve (12) months of appointment. Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in termination of employment.
  • Successful completion of an approved Coroner's Death Investigator course within the first twelve (12) months of appointment.Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in termination of employment.

Physical Expectations:
This job requires frequent and heavy lifting over 25 pounds, often combined with bending, twisting, or working on irregular surfaces and occasionally requires extraordinary physical activity.

  • Certification from the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI).
  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college with specialization in Administration of Justice, Health/Physical Sciences or Nursing.

Additional Information

Our Assessment Process

If you meet the requirements, we will invite you to takea multiple-choice assessment weighted at 50%. We will assess your Knowledge of State Laws Related to Coroner Investigation, Techniques, and Procedures, Human Anatomy Related to Coroner Investigation, Written Expression, Reading Comprehension, Decision Making, Deductive Reasoning Ability, Management Potential, Professional Potential, Thoroughness, Reliability, Achievement, Innovation, Influence, and Independence.

You will need to achieve a score of 70% or greater to pass. If you took an identical assessment in the last 12 months, we will automatically transfer your responses to this job opportunity. Your assessment responses from this exam will also be transferred to any future job opportunity for the next 12 months.

There are websites that may help you prepare for the assessments. One is our Online Test Prep site, found at . Another resource is the SHL website, located at . We suggest you review any additional materials you think necessary.

Once you complete the assessments, you are not able to review them per Civil Service Rule 7.19.

If you have a disability and need accommodation to take the assessment, let us know by contacting the ADA Coordinator at . The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can respond to your request and keep you moving through the process.

If you pass the multiple-choice assessment, you will be invited to participate in a structured interview assessment weighted at 50%. Here we will be evaluating Technical Knowledge, Interpersonal/Oral Communication, Continual Learning, and Supervision.

If you achieve a passing score of 70% or higher on each weighted part of the examination and meet the requirements, you will be placed on the eligible register for a period of 12 months.Applications will be processed on anas received basis and promulgated to the eligible register accordingly.

Invitation letters for the written test and interview will be sent electronically to the email address provided on the application. It is important that candidates provide a valid email address. Please add to your email address book and list of approved senders to prevent
email notifications from being filtered as spam/junk/clutter mail.

Final results will be sent by U.S. mail and email. Written scores cannot be given over the phone.

What Happens Next:

Candidates selected for appointment will be extended an offer of employment that is conditional upon the results of a background investigation which includes a medical screening and a psychological evaluation.

Medical screening is in accordance with California Government Code Section 1031(f) and POST
Commission Regulation 1954. Candidates must be medically suitable to perform all the duties of a Peace Officer as described in California Penal Code Section 830.35.

The resulting eligible register will be used to fill vacancies in the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner located at 1104 North Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA 90033.

We ask that you submit an application through the "Apply" link at the top of the opportunity posting.You will move through the assessment process and, if you pass, we will place your name on a register of eligible candidates. Wewill then invite the highest scoring group to a selection interview. The names of everyone who passed are valid for12 months on the register.

Social Security Number
We need for you to use your own social security number during filing to ensure your application is processed accurately. Entering incorrect information will result in an automatic rejection.

Do you have a computer and internet
If you do not, computers are available at public libraries throughout Los Angeles County.

UserID and Password
We want you to have your own user ID and password. Using a family member or friend's account may erase an applicant's original application record.

Please note that ALL information included in the application materials is subject to VERIFICATION at any point during the examination and hiring process, including after an appointment has been made. FALSIFICATION of any information may result in DISQUALIFICATION or RESCISSION OF APPOINTMENT. Utilizing VERBIAGE from Class Specification andSelection Requirements serving as your description of duties WILL NOT be sufficient to demonstrate that you meet the requirements. Doing so may result in anINCOMPLETE APPLICATION and you may be DISQUALIFIED.

Have questions about anything? Please contact us using the following information:

Exam Number: R1639H-R
Department Contact Name: Kyle Lent
Department Contact Phone: (213) 738-2125
Department Contact Email: KLENT@HR.LACOUNTY.GOV
California Relay Services Phone: (800) 735-2922
ADA Coordinator Email:
Teletype Phone: (800) 899-4099 Alternate: (800) 897-0077

It is the policy of the County of Los Angeles to provide equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons, regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability or any other characteristic protected by State or Federal law. All positions are open to qualified men and women pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the California Fair Employment andHousing Act. The County will comply with all of its obligations under State and Federal laws regarding the provision of reasonable accommodations to applicants.

Closing Date/Time: 2/3/2020 5:00 PM Pacific