• State of Nevada
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Aug 24, 2019
Seasonal Agriculture / Farm / Ranch Related
  • Salary: $33,972 - $49,152 per yr

Job Description

Agricultural Inspectors perform sampling and inspection of agricultural products at shipping point inspection facilities, and participate in pest control and noxious weed eradication; check and grade condition of fruits and vegetables, and assist plant pathologists and entomologists in the preparation of samples for analysis. Incumbents possess a degree of knowledge and proficiency sufficient to perform advanced-level work and may provide work direction and training to others. Under direct supervision the incumbent will assist the department's noxious weeds program coordinator conduct statewide noxious weed surveys to identify new priority areas where biological control releases are needed. The incumbent will collect the survey data using GIS technologies for later mapping of selected sites. Upon site selection the incumbent will assist with accusation of the selected agent by communicating with suppliers and scheduling their arrival to ensure maximum survival rate of the shipped agent. Upon release the incumbent will also assist with establishing vegetation monitoring plots and completing required documentation. The incumbent will also monitor previous release sites to determine the presence of absence of the biological control agent used and collect vegetation density readings of selected sites to determine if the agent has led to infestation reductions. The incumbent will collect and record the monitoring readings following USDA guidlines for later review.
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Announcement Number: 38120
Open to all qualified persons.
Posted 08/23/2019
Phone: (775)684-0126
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