Operations Agent

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  • Aug 05, 2019
Full Time Facilities Management

Job Description

Responsible for utilizing the airline system to plan flight weight and balance including determining the number of passengers that may safely be boarded given anticipated and actual weight and balance calculations. The Ops Agent will over see the gate functions and pre-board/boarding process while meeting the requirements of an on time departure. QUALIFICATIONS:A. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE1. High School diploma or equivalent.2. Airline or Contracted Airline Services experience preferably Ticket Agent, Gate Agent, or Ops.3. Mathematical problem solving skills 4. Verbal and written communications skills5. Must be 18 years of age or older.6. Must have a telephone.7. Must have reliable telephone and transportation.B. PERSONAL AND PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS1. Treat all information as confidential.2. Possess the tact to deal with all levels of situations, client representatives, employees and the public.3. Must be able to sit, stand, lift, and/or bend throughout shift.4. Must be willing and able to work in a variety of climatic conditions to include extreme heat and cold (over 100 to below 0), including high winds, rain, ice and snow.5. Must be willing and able to cope with a variety of non-routine situations to include, but not limited to, early/late flights, weather and mechanical delays, passenger assistance including accommodation/re-accommodation.6. Must pass pre-employment and random drug tests.7. Must be able to read, understand and carry out instructions in English.8. Must meet necessary requirements to obtain a security sensitive identification badge.9. Must be able to verbally direct in English.10. Must be a citizen of the United States or possess the necessary authorization from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).11. Be able to resolve problem situations with passengers when necessary.PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Must be able to perform all duties of subordinate employees when necessary.2. Must be familiar with all pertinent regulations. (Company/Client/Government Agencies)3. Monitor employee activity and makes adjustments as needed,4. Make sure employees follow all regulations/procedures.5. Deals courteously and tactfully with fellow employees.6. Communicate effectively with fellow employees and client representatives.7. Communicate safety hazards and equipment problems to Department Manager or General Manager.8. Make sure training records are current.9. Report inquiries and other major incidents to Department Managers.10. Respond to inquiries from client, staff, and passengers in a courteous manner.11. Keep supervisor informed of needs and problems in assigned areas, maintain cleanliness of immediate work area and report maintenance needs.12. Project a positive image and respond to inquiries from clients, staff and public in a courteous manner.13. Attend meetings and in-services as required.14. Utilize appropriate communications channels and maintain records, reports and files as required.15. Must be in proper uniform or business attire as directed by company officials. Identification badges must always be visible.16. Adhere to company policies and procedures and participate in achievement of company objectives.17. Utilize company and client equipment, supplies and resources in a conscientious, cost effective manner.18. Perform quality assurance service audits as directed to conform to client's specifications and/or procedures.19. Perform other duties as requested.
Date posted: 11/24/2019