• State of Nevada
  • Ely, Nevada
  • Jul 17, 2019
Full Time Public Health
  • Salary: $43,347 - $63,747 per yr

Job Description

Licensed Practical Nurses provide general or psychiatric practical nursing care in accordance with the authorized scope of practice specified in the Nurse Practice Act. Incumbents possess a degree of knowledge and proficiency sufficient to perform work independently with little or no additional training. The Licensed Practical Nurse will work under the direct supervision on the Licensed Practical Nurse III. They will collect and document medical conditions of patients and initiate emergency care as indicated by patient assessment; document problems requiring nursing interventions; maintain accuracy of related nursing records such as I & Qs, IV, vitals and physicians' orders; and relay information about the day at shift change to maintain quality of care. The LPN II will be working directly with inmates setting priorities or care for specific patients and must be able to adapt to change on the unit such as setting priorities based on emergencies, etc. The incumbent will carry out nursing care assignments as assigned by the supervisor; administer medication as directed; count/monitor controlled substances; monitor patients for side effects/allergic reactions to medications; and participate in patient education to promote patients independence when possible. LPN II must have the ability to prioritize tasks, estimate time frames, meet deadlines, plan and use available resources and coordinate work assignments with others.
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Additional Information

Announcement Number: 37712
Open to all qualified persons.
Posted 07/16/2019
Phone: (775)289-1218
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** Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply immediately. Lists of eligible candidates will be established and hiring may occur early in the recruiting process. Recruitment will close without notice when a sufficient number of applications are received or a hiring decision has been made.