• State of Nevada
  • Lovelock, Nevada
  • Apr 19, 2019
Full Time Public Health
  • Salary: $72,871 - $109,850 per yr

Job Description

Psychologists provide psychological services to clients or inmates in a correctional, rehabilitative, clinic or institutional setting including psychological testing, assessments, treatment planning and implementation, psychotherapy, consultation, psycho-educational classes, research and training. Psychologist III's perform advanced clinical and programmatic work requiring a doctorate in psychology, social science or human service discipline. Psychologist III's diagnose mental illness, developmental or learning disabilities and other related disorders; interpret and explain diagnostic and projective assessments; develop, implement and manage clinical and correctional programs and services; and assign and review work, organize staff activities, and provide clinical review of subordinates' work as assigned.
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Additional Information

Announcement Number: 37031
Open to all qualified persons.
Posted 04/18/2019
Phone: (775)887-3311
Applications accepted until recruitment needs are satisfied

** Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply immediately. Lists of eligible candidates will be established and hiring may occur early in the recruiting process. Recruitment will close without notice when a sufficient number of applications are received or a hiring decision has been made.