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4 job(s) at WBCP

City of Talent Talent, OR, USA
Sep 07, 2023
Full Time
City Manager City of Talent, Oregon ANNUAL SALARY: $116,499 - $135,663 DOE/DOQ       The City of Talent is seeking a City Manager who is an empowering and respectful leader, who seeks creative and sustainable solutions, cares deeply about the community and people, and embraces what makes the City of Talent unique. The ideal candidate will also have experience serving a municipal organization. They will demonstrate an understanding of municipal budgeting and core services, including public works, human resources, economic development, public safety, community development, housing, risk management, information technology, emergency management, etc. The City Manager will support the City’s committed staff and engaged community and guide its steps on the road ahead, while embodying values of integrity, teamwork, accountability, commitment, and excellence. If you are ready to make a lasting impact on an evolving city, apply to shape the future of Talent!   See the full job description here: https://indd.adobe.com/view/69b94e15-2988-4678-858d-5a5296c36e85 THE JOB   As the administrator of the City's growth, the City Manager will be entrusted with responsibilities including strategic planning, fiscal stewardship, ­­and community engagement. This visionary and progressive leader will advance exciting projects that improve infrastructure, foster economic development, increase affordable housing, secure diverse sources of funding, implement the Capital Improvement Plan, and continue the rebuilding efforts from the Almeda fire. The City Manager works to create an atmosphere informed by cultural competency, implementing practices and policies with an eye toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. The City Manager seeks innovative solutions that support environmental initiatives and family-focused urban planning. They will translate the Council’s values and goals into tangible outcomes, while managing a staff of 23 full-time employees and a current annual budget of approximately $20 million. The City Manager provides accurate and timely communication between City Council and City staff. They will lead a dedicated team and ensure the City continues to flourish and evolve. The City Manager will oversee the financial success of Talent and its varying departments including planning, public works, administration and finance, and public safety.  Additionally, the City is served by several special districts, the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, and other professional contracts that the City Manager will oversee providing human resources, planning, fire, water, and legal services. This position will also oversee operations and budgeting activities, improve efficiencies and processes, and possess a strong understanding of local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. They will develop others and be an important public-facing leader, while nurturing vital relationships with community groups, public agencies, local businesses, and other levels of government.   THE IDEAL CANDIDATE   This Manager could be a department head who is ready for the next step in their professional career or an experienced City Manager. Both will enjoy working for a progressive and forward-thinking culture and a City with adequate resources and exciting projects to lead and accomplish. The ideal candidate will have experience serving a municipal organization and demonstrate an understanding of municipal finance and budgeting and other core services, such as human resources, planning and community development, economic development, public safety, housing, risk management, information technology, public works/utilities, and emergency management. They will lead with humility, heart, and grit, be a bridge builder, and align behind a collective vision for the future of the community . The ideal candidate will demonstrate administrative experience executing environmental policies/practices, strategizing for community well-being and safety, and public and employee relations. They will be a collaborative team-oriented leader adept at recognizing the strengths of others and contribute to the positive culture of Talent by fostering an environment of mutual respect, open communication, and empowerment. They will encourage creativity and fresh perspectives, valuing the input of every member of the organization. The City Manager will be politically astute, emotionally intelligent, and an apolitical leader, not having a personal agenda, or support one person’s view, but support the collective direction of the Council.    Background and Education:   Bachelor’s degree with major coursework in public administration, business administration, finance, or a related field. A minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in local government, with at least two (2) years of public sector administrative/management experience. Possession of, or the ability to obtain and retain, an Oregon driver’s license by the time of appointment, or otherwise have immediate point to point transportation available.   Desirable Qualifications:  Master’s degree in public administration, business administration, finance, or a closely related field. ICMA City or County Management Certification. Management experience in any Oregon municipal government that is similar in size to, or larger than, the City of Talent. Experience implementing and ensuring compliance with federal funding; economic development; and a genuine interest in the understanding of environmental issues, relevant legislation, and renewable energy sources.   Substitutions: Any satisfactory equivalent combination of education, training and experience that demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the job proficiently may substitute for the above requirements.   SALARY AND BENEFITS   The annual salary range is $116,499 - $135,663 DOE/DOQ, plus a generous benefits package   HOW TO APPLY   For first consideration, apply by October 4th by completing an application and attaching a cover letter and resume at wbcpinc.com/job-board/     Save the Dates:   Round one interviews will be virtual and take place on October 24th. Finalists will move forward to round two interviews that will be in person and take place on November 1st. Selected candidates must be available for these dates.   Please contact the Talent Human Resources and Administrative Services Director, Adrian Modjeski, with any questions:   amodjeski@rvcog.org 541-423-1335  
City of Laguna Beach Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Aug 29, 2023
Full Time
THE JOB The Assistant Director will help lead this department that includes a dedicated team of 44 staff and other contractors, all processes, procedures, policy and operations, and an approximate budget of $8.5 million. They will also assist in leading this work and ensure the special projects and general plan are actualized (see the General Plan ). They will assist with a strong emphasis and focus on the City’s Planning Division and its procedures. This hands-on leader will provide their team with clear direction, policies, and priorities, while providing excellent customer service to the Laguna Beach community. They will be more internal facing overseeing operations and the mentoring and development of staff, with a focus on innovation, improved processes, and management of the day-to-day work and operations of the department.
County of Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Aug 29, 2023
Full Time
Director of Community Services County of Santa Barbara, California Anticipated Salary Range of Hire: $151,204 - $226,127 DOE/DOQ   The County of Santa Barbara (County), California, is in search of its next Director of Community Services (Director) to oversee the Community Services Department (Department), including its Administration; Housing & Community Development; Parks; Office of Arts & Culture; and Sustainability Divisions, along with its Library-funding services. They will also oversee several commissions, including the Park Commission, Commission for Women, and the County Library Advisory Committee. The Director will oversee an annual budget of approximately $73M and 93 dedicated staff. The County is looking for an emotionally intelligent leader with in-depth experience working on high-profile, public-facing projects and initiatives, as this role encompasses affordable housing and homelessness issues to climate mitigation and library-funding streams. The Director will have a multi-faceted community services background, ensuring the Department has well-rounded, highly knowledgeable leadership. Someone who is a collaborative leader, creative thinker, and administratively adept is ideal for this role. See the full recruitment brochure here: https://indd.adobe.com/view/2a5f01f4-a641-4104-b128-56adca0a517b   THE JOB Reporting to the County Executive Officer, the Director of Community Services will lead a breadth of critical tasks related to housing and homelessness, along with sustainability, human services commissions, libraries, arts and culture, and recreation. With six direct reports and 93 indirect reports, the Director will interact and build consensus with elected officials, non-elected officials, government agencies, community interest groups, and the general public, all while advancing the County’s strategic initiatives. This role is responsible for the Department’s operations, including customer service delivery, community impacts, regulatory compliance, fiscal accountability, and performance outcomes and measurements. They will work to navigate a variety of politically charged situations, working to meet the needs of their community while serving as a tactful County leader.   THE IDEAL CANDIDATE A relationship-builder at heart, the ideal candidate will bring a high level of emotional intelligence and expertise working across a multi-faceted landscape of commissions, boards, non-profit organizations, and public interest groups. The successful candidate will be a politically savvy people-person who enjoys making connections and thinking outside of the box to find solutions. The Director will relish the chance to mentor staff and work collaboratively to accomplish Department business objectives in high-pressure situations. The candidate will have drafted or been instrumental in creating a regional homeless plan that addresses transitional and permanent housing, the resolving of homeless encampments, and the planning and development of new housing.     EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: This position requires a combination of education and experience to perform the variety of tasks carried out by a Community Services Director. Typical background and experience include : Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, AND Master’s degree in public administration, business administration, or a related field, AND 7 years of complex responsibility in a public sector setting, including 3 years of senior management, AND Valid California driver’s license by date of appointment, AND Completion of a background investigation to the satisfaction of the County, AND The core competencies listed for this role and the ability to immediately demonstrate these competencies consistently with the position's level in the leadership series and the specific work assignment. Desired: Experience and knowledge in California municipal planning.   Core Competencies for this position: Uphold ethical behavior to do what is right. Demonstrate an intensity to go after identified goals with passion. Be influential , engaged, collaborative, and strategically oriented. Have situational awareness and organizational savvy. Be an inspirational leader who empowers their team. Be committed to building positive relationships and delivering the best services possible, with a focus on customer needs. Possess interpersonal skills that demonstrate versatile communication styles to affect positive outcomes, build rapport throughout the organization, and develop human potential. Is an artisan and resilient – is adaptable, leads by example, exhibits tenacity, is action-oriented, delivers quality services to customers, and seeks out opportunities to develop new and creative solutions and programs. Experience and/or education directly related to the level of leadership and the scope of organizational authority/responsibility required by the position.   SALARY AND BENEFITS The Annual Salary Range is $151,204 - $226,127 DOE/DOQ (this salary reflects the expected range of hire, the top of the salary range is $255,693) plus a generous benefits package.   HOW TO APPLY: For first consideration, please submit a resume and cover letter by August 28th at wbcpinc.com/job-board         SECURE THE DATES! Round-one interviews will be virtual and take place on September 25th. Round-two interviews will be in person and take place on October 9th & 10th. Selected candidates must be available for all three dates. Please contact your recruiter, Wendi Brown, with any questions: wendi@wbcpinc.com 541-664-0376 866-929-WBCP – toll-free
City of Garibaldi Garibaldi, OR, USA
Aug 10, 2023
Full Time
City Manager City of Garibaldi, Oregon ANNUAL SALARY: $95,000 - $110,000 DOE/DOQ   The City of Garibaldi is seeking its next City Manager who possesses a distinguished track record as an leader or department head in a municipal organization. This candidate will be well-versed in municipal budgeting, grants, and finance, ideally complemented by a robust background in infrastructure, community engagement, human resources, and economic development. Proficiency in facilitating public meetings and collaborating effectively with elected bodies to provide options, guidance, and aid in envisioning and strategizing for the future is a must! This City Manager shall embody resilience, excellent communication skills, political acumen, and strategic leadership abilities, all while maintaining a humble and empathetic approach. Ready to lead and make a real impact? Embrace the opportunity to shape and help Garibaldi's future as a City Manager. Apply now to bring your strategic vision and leadership skills to this community.   See the full recruitment brochure here: https://indd.adobe.com/view/a2a0d34f-2d98-4b63-bf81-8c5911c75101   THE JOB The City Manager is appointed by, and reports to, the elected five-member City Council and serves as the focal point of general administration and oversight for various City departments. This candidate is to play a crucial role in not only overseeing the City's budget but also utilizing their extensive fiscal knowledge in crafting well-balanced budgets and identifying opportunities to boost revenue. In addition, they should demonstrate exceptional collaboration skills by effectively coordinating with contracted services, external agencies, businesses, nonprofits, school districts, the county, and other jurisdictions. The City Manager will ensure cross-departmental collaboration and organizational efficiency, playing a key role in community and economic development, and strive to accomplish Council’s goals and objectives while demonstrating political acumen and emotional intelligence.   THE IDEAL CANDIDATE The ideal candidate should possess a strong understanding of catering to the unique needs of small cities, while also demonstrating a forward-thinking mindset. Primarily focusing on identifying and capitalizing on shared partnership opportunities to bolster City projects and initiatives. They should bring a proven track record of collaborating effectively with developers, businesses, and implementing successful economic development strategies. The successful candidate will place great importance on fostering strong community and employee engagement, further cultivating a strong culture where individuals are passionate about their work. They will embody a dynamic, high-energy leadership style, with a positive attitude and genuine enthusiasm for embracing this role!   SALARY AND BENEFITS The annual salary range is $95,000 - $110,000, plus a generous benefits package.   HOW TO APPLY For first consideration, apply by September 4th 2023 by completing an application and attaching your cover letter and resume at wbcpinc.com/job-board/   Save the Dates: Round one virtual interviews will take place on September 22th. Finalists will move onto round two interviews that will be in person and take place on October 6th. Selected candidates must be available for both dates.   Please contact your recruiter, Levi Kuhlman, with any questions: Levi@Wbcpinc.com 541-930-1190