Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association

The Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) administers and manages the $52+ billion retirement fund for the County of Los Angeles. We provide retirement, disability, and death benefits to eligible County employees and their beneficiaries, and collect, deposit, invest, and manage retirement funds collected from the County, outside districts, and County employees.

LACERA is one of the largest county retirement associations in the United States with over 156,000 members. Our membership is comprised of individuals from a diverse range of careers, age groups, and ethnicity - all contributing to the greater welfare of Los Angeles County.

Benefits include health insurance, annual leave, sick leave, retirement, paid holidays, and ride share program.

LACERA Values: We work together toward achieving our mission through our shared Values.

Our Values include Professionalism, Respect, Open Communication, Fairness, Integrity, and Teamwork.



1 job(s) at Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association

Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) Pasadena, CA, USA
Oct 10, 2019
Full Time
  ABOUT THE POSITION The position is responsible for planning, and supervising the work of staff responsible for Purchasing equipment, supplies and services, Providing facility support services that includes maintenance and renovation of office space. Developing and administering an insurance program for the organization. Designing, developing and managing a Business Continuity Program (BCP) Vacancy Information: The current vacancy is in the Administrative Services Division. Work Schedule:   This full-time position is required to work a 5/40 schedule (e.g. an eight (8) hour day, Monday through Friday) for at least the first six (6) months of employment. The following examples are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by persons assigned to each classification.  Depending on the assignment, duties may include, but are not limited to the following Directs the control of appropriations within approved program; develops and justifies budget adjustments and periodic allocation changes. Conducts and supervises cost studies of major LACERA programs and coordinates cost control and cost analysis systems; influences line management to accept realistic budgetary standards. Plans, develops and directs a comprehensive, management and analysis program; and participates in the implementation of major changes in policies, procedures and organization in the department. Participates fully in program planning and providing expert advice and solving problems of specialized programs, financing, and staffing. Identifies and analyzes experience and risk exposure to determine program modifications to ensure appropriate coverage to control risk, prevent loss, and reduce cost. Maintains the general liability and fiduciary insurance program for LACERA including LACERA corporations, properties and Board Member liability insurance. Analyzes proposals by LACERA's insurance broker for annual contract renewals, meets with LACERA's Legal Office to determine legal ramifications of new contracts, and negotiates with the broker for the most cost effective instruments. Reviews with LACERA's Safety Officer and Human Resources staff established workplace safety programs and property loss prevention programs to develop effective solutions to problems, increase effectiveness, and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Develops, maintains and revises the Business Continuity Program which includes plans for emergency response, resumption of business after a disaster, staff training, and restoration of services after a disaster. Selects and oversees the work of consultants and vendors hired to provide services to LACERA. Directs the review and analysis of legislation and regulations which have a significant impact on the administration of programs; and makes recommendations on whether the department should support or oppose the proposed changes. Represents the interests of LACERA with County, local, Federal and State representatives. May supervise the activities of a team of subordinate administrative generalists engaged in front end analysis, development and preparation of departmental budgets and in the presentation of the budget to the Boards of Retirement and Investments. May supervise administrative specialists in the areas of facilities management, asset tracking, procurement, document processing, insurance, health and safety, and loss prevention. Assumes, as assigned, responsibility for performing other specialized duties related to the overall management of the association. Perform other related duties as assigned.