CPS HR Consulting

CPS HR is an innovative, client-centered human resources and management consulting firm specializing in solving the unique problems and challenges faced by government and non-profit agencies. CPS HR was formed as a JPA public agency in 1985. As a self-supporting public agency, we understand the needs of public sector clients and have served as a trusted advisor to our clients for more than 31 years. The distinctive mission of CPS HR is to transform human resource management in the public sector.

With more than 110 full-time employees as well as 200+ project consultants and technical experts nationwide, CPS HR delivers breakthrough solutions that dramatically transform public sector
organizations to positively impact the communities they serve. CPSHR is headquartered in Sacramento, California, with regional offices in Littleton, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia.

CPS HR offers clients a comprehensive range of competitively priced services, all of which can be customized to meet the City’s specific needs. We are committed to supporting and developing strategic organizational leadership and human resource management in the public sector. We offer expertise in the areas of classification and compensation, organizational strategy, recruitment and selection, and training and development.

CPS HR occupies a unique position among its competitors in the field of government consulting; as a
JPA, whose charter mandates that we serve only public-sector clients, we actively serve all government
sectors including Federal, State, Local, Special Districts and Non-Profit Organizations. This singular
position provides CPS HR with a systemic and extensive understanding of how each government sector
is inter-connected to each other and to their communities. That understanding, combined with our
knowledge of public and private sector best practices, translates into meaningful and practical
solutions for our clients’ operational and business needs.


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