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City of Fargo, North Dakota Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Sep 26, 2022
Full Time
The City Administrator will provide leadership and direction to all city departments in the provision of city services by establishing goals and objectives within the policy directives set by the City Commission and by assisting department heads and other leaders in developing and implementing procedures to accomplish city-wide initiatives as well as developmental goals and objectives. The City Administrator will be a forward-thinking visionary with knowledge of municipal law, grants, and economic development. They will be outgoing, gregarious, and a proactive, not reactive, problem solver. They will be calm, with a customer-friendly mentality and high emotional intelligence. The City Administrator will be politically astute, professional, honest, and trustworthy. They will be experienced working in a growing community while understanding small community dynamics.
City of Elgin, Illinois Elgin, IL, USA
Sep 22, 2022
Full Time
The city of Elgin is seeking a collaborative, forward thinking leader with ten years of broad-based experience and progressive leadership in the human resources field. Expertise in topics such as talent acquisition, employee and labor relations, performance management, leadership development, succession planning, compensation, benefits and budget management is preferred. Labor negotiations experience is strongly desired.
City of Rockville, MD Rockville, MD, USA
Sep 21, 2022
Full Time
The Deputy Director of Community Planning and Development Services co-leads a mission and customer driven department with the Director. Employees thrive in this key department by providing a culture of empowerment, professional growth, collaboration, creativity, diversity, and innovation. The ideal candidate must have proven skills in project management, community engagement, budgeting, and creating consensus from various appointed and elected officials, the staff, community groups, and stakeholders. The Director will plan and coordinate major research projects to enhance and benefit the community, develop, and review requests for proposals, and supervise and provide leadership to the staff of the department.
City of Poquoson, Virginia Poquoson, VA, USA
Sep 14, 2022
Full Time
Reporting to the City Manager, the Finance Director oversees an FY2023 budget of $516,954 and is part of a four-member team to deliver general accounting, payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, sewer and solid waste utility billing, computer support services, the risk management program, and administer employee benefit programs. The Finance Director works closely with the City Manager to develop an annual budget around five identified strategic focus areas: public education, public safety, quality of life, quality of services, and fiscal stability. The City maintains excellent credit ratings of Aa2 and Aaa, earned in part due to the City’s historically strong financial management.
City of El Paso, TX El Paso, TX, USA
Sep 13, 2022
Full Time
The Health Director will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Department of Public Health with 425 FTEs and an operational budget of $19 million. The Director will plan and oversee all public health education campaigns to promote and obtain the cooperation of local organizations, residents, and visitors. To ensure effective departmental programs and services, the Director will lead the engagement of stakeholders from local, regional, and state levels in order to conduct needs assessments and evaluate current and possible health issues impacting the community. Utilizing “best practices” in public health, the Director will identify and present best options and models for public health governance, administration, and structure, and issue recommendations and create reports to the City Administration and the City Council. The Director will be directing and overseeing public health activities in communicable, chronic, and infectious disease control, as well as establishing and providing medical direction of local case tracking and disease investigation to monitor statistics and provide real-time data for effective assessment and control initiatives. The Department is also responsible for conducting research to identify funding resources and oversee preparation and submission of grant proposals.
City of Minneapolis, Minnesota Minneapolis, MN, USA
Sep 09, 2022
Full Time
Minneapolis, Minnesota is a diverse, progressive city of 435,715 residents, and the heart of cultural and economic activity in the Upper Midwest. The city is home to more Fortune 500 companies per capita than anywhere else in the world and offers an abundance of green space and cultural opportunities. The City of Minneapolis Health Department provides a wide range of services with the support of more than 100 FTEs and a $14.7M budget in five divisions. The department develops and administers educational programs, recommends policies, promotes health care equity, implements programs to protect the environment and prevent diseases and injuries, and promotes healthy behaviors. Reporting to the Mayor through the City’s Operations Officer, the Health Commissioner is an appointed position that provides visionary and proactive senior leadership for all programs and services relating to Public Health, Children and Families services throughout the Minneapolis community. The Health Commissioner will be responsible for developing a new department model that will identify and recommend City-wide policy options for consideration by the City Council/Board of Health to improve the quality of life for residents. This position will advocate for the most under-served populations who have the greatest needs for services and programs, and will work to build and sustain collaborative partnerships among governmental officials, advisory and community groups, and other external organizations to help shape public policy and regulation for the public good.
City of Hutchinson, Kansas Hutchinson, KS, USA
Sep 07, 2022
Full Time
Appointed by the Mayor and City Council, the City Manager functions as the chief administrative officer of the City and is in charge of administering the policies and decisions made by the City Council and oversees the day-to-day operations of the City government. It is the City Manager's responsibility to ensure that all City services are delivered in an efficient, equitable, and cost-effective manner =while providing vision and leadership to the City organization. The City Manager coordinates the official business of the organization; prepares, submits, and administers the council-approved annual budget and capital improvement programs, and acts as a liaison between the City Council, citizens, and the city organization. The City of Hutchinson works in a highly collaborative civic environment which requires close communication and cooperation with partnering stakeholders. The City manager will need to be adept in building and maintaining trusting relationships while balancing competing values and championing the public good.
City of Horace, North Dakota City of Horace, North Dakota
Aug 24, 2022
Full Time
The Finance Director is responsible for the management of accounting, debt/treasury management, special assessments, utility billing, budgeting, accounts payable/receivable, and investments of the City. The City of Horace uses Black Mountain as its financial software. The Finance Director supervises the Administrator Assistant/Utility Billing Specialist and the Communications Specialist, the position reports to the City Administrator.
Rockville Economic Development Inc. (REDI) Rockville, MD, USA
Aug 10, 2022
Full Time
The Managing Director for the Maryland Women’s Business Center reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer for the Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI). The MWBC is funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, as well as other Federal and local funding sources, including hosting more than 120 workshops a year, interacting with more than 1,600 clients through its various services and programs. The Managing Director, responsible for overseeing an annual budget of $1M and leading a staff of seven, plus other contractors and volunteers, will facilitate the daily operations of the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC) in Rockville, Bowie, and a satellite location in Frederick.   A key responsibility of the Managing Director is overseeing the fiscal management of MWBC to ensure resource and programmatic goals are met, existing grants are effectively managed and other funding sources are identified and pursued. The Managing Director will develop MWBC’s annual budget, track actual expenses to budget and report to REDI’s Board of Directors and its Executive and Finance Committees on the financial position of the Center and market risks, and develop and manage relationships with diverse stakeholders, including funders, community members, nonprofits, businesses and government officials at local and national levels. The Managing Director will also publicize programs through a variety of mechanisms including media opportunities, website, social media, print channels and trade show attendance, and build and maintain a network with organizations that support entrepreneurs. The position also supervises the training and business counseling programs to ensure a diverse population of women is supported in compliance with funder requirements.
City of Harrisonburg, VA Harrisonburg, VA, USA
Aug 05, 2022
Full Time
The City Manager serves as the chief executive officer and administrative head of the City government and as such, is responsible to the City Council for the overall daily operations, service delivery, and administration of all City affairs. The City Manager reports to the City Council and directly supervises 17 executive-level positions, all members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), including a Deputy City Manager and an Assistant to the City Manager.
City of Staunton, Virginia Staunton, VA, USA
Jul 21, 2022
Full Time
Under the supervision of the City Manager and School Superintendent, the Chief Financial Officer has oversight of planning, organizing, and directing all financial and budgeting activities of the City and School Board. In this unique arrangement adopted in 2012, the CFO works directly with the City Manager, the Superintendent of Schools, and School Budget Director to prepare the annual budget. The CFO also has responsibility for capital projects planning and administration, debt management and administration, grant administration, audit completion and compliance, revenue analysis, utility revenue and rate analysis, investment management, purchasing, and accounting functions. This position speaks for the financial interests of the City as a key representative to regional agencies. The CFO will also have the opportunity to provide the fiscal support to assist in evaluating economic development opportunities, some of which are located downtown, or in areas considered brownfields.
Town of Apex, North Carolina Apex, NC, USA
Jul 18, 2022
Full Time
The newly created position of a second Assistant Town Manager will establish and define the goals of the new Community Development and Neighborhood Connections division, develop and align the town’s community development strategy, and assist with the development and implementation of an affordable housing plan. In addition to the new Community Development and Neighborhood Connections division, the new Assistant Town Manager will also oversee Community and Safety, which includes Police and the 911 Communications Center; Fire; and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. These community-facing departments are vital for developing a strong, transparent relationship with Apex residents. The Assistant Town Manager will be responsible for establishing initiatives and policies that will further engage the community and ensure that residents can participate and communicate with elected and town officials.
City of Staunton, Virginia Staunton, VA, USA
Jul 13, 2022
Full Time
The City is seeking a City Manager to be responsible for managing general operations and administering policies and ordinances enacted by City Council. It is the duty of the City Manager to develop an annual City budget and appoint all department directors for the various operating departments. The City Manager’s office includes an Assistant City Manager, Executive Assistant and Communications Manager. The next City Manager will have the opportunity ensure the City is engaged in public-private partnerships and assist with implementing business-friendly policies to encourage growth. The next City Manager will also have the opportunity to hire two new positions (CFO and Communications Director).   The City staff consists of approximately 470 full and part-time employees with an annual operating budget of $142.2 million (FY23). The General Fund budget is $65.2 million, with the remainder of the City’s expenditures devoted to funding the operations of the school system and a variety of enterprise and special funds. The City maintains a low tax rate and the assessed value of homes and businesses in the City over the past two years continues to increase which reflects the greater value the market is placing on the community, its strong economy and quality of life.
Fulton County, Georgia Fulton County, GA, USA
Jul 08, 2022
Full Time
The County is seeking a Director of Registration and Elections (DRE). This position serves as the chief executive responsible for developing goals, objectives, policies, and procedures relating to voter registration and elections in Fulton County. The DRE also prepares, presents, and manages the department’s approved annual budget.  The DRE leads programs and services that ensure safe, free, and accessible voter registration and elections in the County. The DRE ensures accurate collection and maintenance of voter registration data and administers the county elections and associated services, which includes but is not limited to absentee balloting, voter registration, voter education and outreach. The Director collects information and validates candidates for elective office, ensures the availability of training for poll workers, and directs efforts to educate voters on elections in the county. The DRE performs other duties, including preservation, storage, preparation, testing and maintenance of departmental election equipment. Furthermore, the director oversees election district boundaries, and administers the selection of polling places in the county.