Randi Frank Consulting, LLC

Human Resource Projects:

  • Executive Search
  • Classification & Compensation Studies
  • Salary Survey
  • Benefit Survey
  • Serve as Human Resource Manager during vacancy
  • Review and Revise Personnel Rules
  • Develop HIPAA guidelines and documents
  • National/State Recruiting
  • Comparison of Union Contracts
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Prepare Human Resource Procedure Manuals
  • Prepare Affirmative Action Plan
  • Develop job descriptions

Risk Management Projects:

  • Serve as Risk Manager during vacancy
  • Develop return to work program
  • Develop process for self-insurance program
  • Prepare safety manual
  • Develop safety-training program and conduct safety committee meetings


  • Develop Bid/RFP Boiler Plate
  • Prepare Bid Specifications
  • Conduct Bid Process including recommending vendors
  • Assist with interview process of bidders; prepare proposals for RFP.

Management Projects:

  • Develop Contingency Plan for Resource Recovery Plant
  • Review of Parks and School Grounds Operations
  • Review Plan of Development
  • Organizational Study – Public Works Operations

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City of New Haven, CT New Haven, CT, USA
Nov 28, 2021
Full Time
Summary of Job Description The position of City Controller is established by the City Charter and is appointed by the Mayor for a 4 year term. Work involves the management and administration of the City’s Department of Finance Operations including overseeing the Tax Collection Office, Tax Assessment Office, Purchasing Office, Treasury and Debt Management, Accounting, Payroll, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Workers Compensation claims. The Controller needs to ensure that the City Budget is expended in accordance with the adopted budget developed by the Mayor and Budget Director and approved by the Board of Alders. The Finance Department in conjunction with the Office of Management and Budget must maintain the general fund, special funds and the capital funds and make presentation on the City financial picture to the Mayor and Board of Alders.