Public Sector and Social Media

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Public Sector and Social Media

Posted on February 2nd, by Corey Hurwitz in Innovations, Social Media. No Comments

Informational interviews are your way of gaining a more in-depth look at a potential employer by gathering first-hand knowledge from past or current employees; a casual, coffee-shop conversation can yield a lot of insights. Social media gives you the opportunity to add two-way communication to the research you have already conducted regarding the company. You … Read More »

The Mentoring Relationship

Posted on February 2nd, by Mark F. Weinberg in Career Advice, on the job. No Comments

Receiving orientation to a new organization or assignment, acquiring knowledge and learning new skills, and building workplace “connectedness” are all valuable benefits of a strong mentoring relationship. As many as 70% of employees credit one or more mentoring relationships as being instrumental in their career success and job satisfaction.  The mentoring relationship can be formal … Read More »

Top Ten Networking Tips for Feds Who Hate Networking

Posted on February 1st, by Devora Zack in Career Advice, networking/interviewing. No Comments

2013 is the year of the networker.  Stop groaning.  I know what’s best.  Once we get that general premise down, we’re good to go.  What’s that, you say?  You don’t like networking?  While I’m sure you’re a marvelously unique individual, you are hardly alone in that sentiment.

Why do so many of us hate networking?  Networking … Read More »