Just When I Thought I Was Out – They Pull Me Back In!

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Just When I Thought I Was Out – They Pull Me Back In!

Posted on July 14th, by Joseph Huffman in About the Public Sector, eligibility/hiring issues, Trends. No Comments

As a person who has dedicated most of his professional life to city management, I would like to offer a perspective to managers who are nearing retirement.  After having served eight years with the state of North Carolina, I transitioned to local government in 1989.  Due to the transfer of my state service time and … Read More »

Local Government Term Limits

Posted on February 1st, by Gabe Gabrielsen in About the Public Sector, overview. No Comments

Any individual who advocates for mandatory local government term limits for local government offices has either never worked in local government or Is a fool.

Term limits for County Board, City Council, Mayor, Township, Borough, Parish or School Board public offices would be a disaster. In my opinion they would create three things:

Inconsistent local government policies
Absurd … Read More »