How To Leap Into The Unknown With Confidence

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How To Leap Into The Unknown With Confidence

Posted on April 8th, by David Shindler in Career Advice. No Comments

Changing jobs and careers, starting a new adventure in your working life or returning to work after a prolonged absence can all feel like being a trapeze artist. Taking a leap into the unknown feels risky. How can you leap into the unknown with more confidence?

Imagine you are a circus trapeze artist. You have climbed … Read More »

A Purpose Filled Career

Posted on March 14th, by Allen Ellison in Career Advice. 6 comments

People often call me up and ask me to help them find a job or to help them brainstorm on the best job for them. I ask this simple question, “Do you just want a job, or do you want a purpose filled career?” Often times, they will ask me to explain to them the … Read More »

Can Your Career Survive A Natural Disaster?

Posted on February 1st, by Martha Duesterhoft in Career Advice, personality assessment. No Comments

I live in the Seattle area so I’ve been watching all the news from Hurricane Sandy from a distance. However, I have several clients and friends that live in that area who have been impacted by this devastating storm. Many of the same people from the area that survived and recovered from the horror of … Read More »