Is Conventional Productivity Wisdom Truly Wise?

Posted on February 8th, by Beth Beutler in on the job. No Comments

“Don’t check your email first thing in the morning.”

“Only check email at set times during the day.”

“Make appointments for important tasks.”

There’s no shortage of productivity advice out there between blogs, books, presentations and workshops. Often, you will hear repeated “conventional wisdom” concepts like the three above recycled throughout the leadership, productivity, and career space, although … Read More »

Your Career: What is the Return on Inertia?

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Talk with any company owner of any size and they will say that their business can’t grow unless they invest at some point. Successful businesses know when to invest, seize opportunities and take risks to grow. It’s the same with your career. Effective career navigators know when to invest in their personal and professional development … Read More »

How to Get a Job as a Local Government Lawyer

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It may come as a surprise that the government isn’t always the first pick of employment for J.D. graduates. Most prefer the more competitive option: private law firms. This goes without saying that there are enough strong arguments why working for the government is just as logical and promising a choice as any. According to … Read More »

How Well Do You Know the People That Work for You?

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In her book “Dare to Serve” my good friend Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Chicken asks:

“How well do you know the people that work for you?”

Cheryl then asks:

“Do you know the three of four events of their lives that have shaped who they are today?”

This has now become one of my favorite questions!

As I ask colleagues and friends … Read More »