Envy and the Call to Humility

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Employee motivation comes in multiple forms. Some are motivated by recognition and the pursuit of job titles while others are content maintaining the status quo. Some stereotypes of government employees suggest veteran municipal workers are content holding the same position for years or decades while being less willing to become innovative despite the jobs’ environmental … Read More »

5 Essential Practices for Public Sector Managers

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2017 was declared “the year of the middle manager” by The Workforce Institute’s Top Workplace Trends for 2017 report. What does this mean for you?

It means that in the public mindset, you’re finally getting recognition as the Rosetta Stone of your organization; an essential interpreter between strategic vision and boots-on-the-ground reality. You deserve this recognition … Read More »

Football and Faith

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Careers in Government likes when this article has a link to the month in which it is published. Valentine’s Day was suggested as a possible thread with which to weave but I have opted for a February event a little less obvious, but perhaps even more loved! An event that has now gone way beyond … Read More »

Internships While on Active Duty: Yes, It’s Possible!

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By Rachel Dhaliwal
Contributor, Career Coach

If you’re like most service members, chances are you’ve assumed that you can’t have an internship while on active duty. A logical assumption, to be sure, but as it turns out, also an inaccurate one. There are a few provisions and programs out there that DO allow service members this opportunity, … Read More »