The Juggler as Leader

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The Juggler as Leader

Posted on November 5th, by Stan Skipworth in education/training. No Comments

As a small child, I was impressed by those who could effortlessly toss several objects into the air and continue their co-existent flight for elongated periods of time.  I marveled in particular those especially talented people who could do this with a wide variety of objects, which might include a bowling ball, a scarf, a small … Read More »

Change Isn’t Easy

Posted on November 5th, by Chris Edmonds in on the job. No Comments

Let’s change something! How fun! (Sarcasm font.)

How do you react to change? Many people don’t like it. They don’t welcome it, at least not at the start.

I’ve had to adapt to change physically. I have CMT, a neurologic disease that causes calf atrophy, foot drop, and instability while standing or walking. I’ve suffered from the … Read More »

How to Engage with an Introverted Co-Worker

Posted on November 5th, by Beth Beutler in on the job. No Comments

Sometimes it’s like working with Eeyore–well, maybe more cheerful than that, but still reserved.

You try your best to engage with that introverted coworker. You encourage her to participate in teambuilding activities. You invite him to lunch. You ask for her input. But no matter how hard you try, they keep to themselves, are hard to … Read More »

Building a Team or Team Building; there’s a Difference?

Posted on November 5th, by Randy Burba in on the job. No Comments

In the early days of my career I had many mentors, some formal and some informal.  One thing was for certain: I learned a little something from everybody regarding team building.

From some, I learned very specific lessons on how not to treat people or how not to lead people.  From others, I learned how people … Read More »

11 Strategies for Building Your Self-Confidence

Posted on November 5th, by David Shindler in education/training. No Comments

Employers want to hire self-confident people because they are likeable and believable, and an indicator of how they might be in the role and in their organization. Employers ask themselves ‘can I trust this person to deliver?’ and ‘will this person reflect well on us with our customers?’ Self-confident people are more at ease with … Read More »

Dress for Success in Your Government Career

Posted on November 5th, by T.M. Lewin in on the job. No Comments

The creation of a viable professional image is more complex than we might imagine. When we consider our professional image and how others view us, we assess the differences between how we wish to be seen (confident, reliable, hard-working) against how we believe we are seen (lacking in confidence, unreliable and lazy). And if there … Read More »

Managing Your Brand When Work Isn’t the Right Fit

Posted on October 15th, by Bennett Dwosh in on the job. No Comments

Congratulations. After weeks, or months, of job hunting, not only did you locate your “dream job” but they liked you and hired you. You’re excited to start contributing to this organization, especially as they appear ready to let you implement your brilliant ideas at a paygrade you couldn’t even dream of complaining about. And don’t … Read More »

My Perspective on the Fundamentals of Non-Discrimination Policies

Posted on October 14th, by Valerie Martinelli in About the Public Sector. No Comments

I recently gave an interview about the need for non-discrimination policies in the workplace. The questions reminded me of why we need to protect our workers in both the public and private sectors. The biggest remaining question is, however, what can we strive for?

What Are the Basics? 

Non-Discrimination policies are put into place to protect employees. … Read More »

Workplace Etiquette and Manners

Posted on October 14th, by Marc Plooster in on the job. No Comments

From the little I have been able to piece together, workplace etiquette and manners are held as a priori – especially when it comes to analyzing situations with our stereotypical glasses. There is an assumption in our education and to a greater extent our public lives that we have an innate understanding of what is … Read More »

Advice to Advance Your Career in Government

Posted on October 14th, by Gabe Gabrielsen in About the Public Sector. No Comments

This is the first article of a five-part series on how to maximize your career in government.  Whether you are looking for a promotion or a new job assignment the five insights I will share will provide you with a competitive edge.  So many government employees see no path to career advancement; however these five … Read More »