Information Governance Insights: Failure Is Not an Option

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Information Governance Insights: Failure Is Not an Option

Posted on November 7th, by Robin Woolen in on the job. No Comments

An information governance program is a massive undertaking and, as with anything worth doing, there are a number of things that could go wrong. In this month’s article I’d like to look at a few of the more common issues you might encounter as you develop your program and offer a few suggestions on how … Read More »

The “Privederal” Resume – There’s No Such Thing

Posted on November 7th, by American Public University System in networking/interviewing. 1 Comment

By Rachel Dhaliwal
Contributor, Career Coach

A common misconception I see as a career coach is the idea that a person can write one resume that will serve him in pursuing both private and federal job opportunities. I have come to refer to this type of resume as the “Privederal,” and unfortunately, I’m here to tell you … Read More »

STEM in Government: 3 Growing Careers to Consider

Posted on November 7th, by Kyle Martin in job descriptions/glossary. No Comments

Holding a degree in a STEM-related field doesn’t always mean pursuing a career in a traditional STEM field. Nearly every industry – from nonprofits to corporate businesses – need STEM knowledge to perform optimally. Government agencies in particular have a strong need for individuals with the skills to protect their information and their country’s infrastructure. … Read More »

I Want To “Check the Box” That Says “Bob Is Now a Swimmer”

Posted on November 5th, by Bob Tiede in education/training. No Comments

Question One:  If I did not know how to swim and I wanted to become a swimmer, is there a book you could recommend that if I just read it cover to cover (or at least skimmed it) I could then “Check the Box” that says “Bob is now a swimmer!”?

Or Question Two:  Might you know of … Read More »

How to Leverage Conflict for Amazing Results

Posted on November 5th, by Nate Regier in on the job. No Comments

Conflict is like electricity. It has a lot of potential energy. We use electricity to power our appliances and cell phones. Electricity is very dangerous as well. Anyone who’s been shocked by a bad power cord can testify to that! If you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker but don’t want to get hurt, try touching … Read More »

How Healthy Is Your Leadership System?

Posted on November 5th, by Bob Anderson in education/training. No Comments

In recent weeks, we have all been informed about the physical, mental and emotional health of the candidates for President of the United States, because we need to know how well they will perform under the pressure of high office.

When assessing the health of our leaders, however, we rarely ask about the health of the … Read More »

The Oft-Overlooked Secret to Success

Posted on November 5th, by Meiko Patton in education/training. No Comments

In his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini lists six principles of ethical persuasion. The first principle he discusses is reciprocity. “The reciprocity rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us,” he states. And therein lies to key to the oft-overlooked secret to success, appreciation.

Cialdini … Read More »

Pre-Interview Assessments Can Decrease Discrimination

Posted on November 5th, by Chris Hollins in networking/interviewing. 1 Comment

Every company wants to minimize its exposure to litigation and discrimination which has become a hot button issue as employment discrimination claims continue to rise. The good news is that if an employer implements best practices with regard to avoiding discrimination, it can nearly eliminate any potential discrimination claims during the hiring process.

Discrimination occurs when … Read More »

Understanding the ROTC Program to Help Propel Your Career

Posted on November 5th, by Jeff Barison in education/training. No Comments

What is ROTC?

You may have heard of the acronym ROTC before but perhaps you are not familiar with what it stands for nor its purpose.  The acronym ROTC is short for the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps.  The objective of the ROTC program is to serve as a training ground for service in branches of the … Read More »

Plan for a Career After Policing – 5 Things You Can Do

Posted on November 5th, by John Eldridge in on the job. No Comments

This is for cops who want a second career. After 26 years of police work, 11 years in a second career, and five years of retirement, I get the opportunity to look back and see what worked . . . and what didn’t. My life and careers had the usual ups and downs, all valuable … Read More »