How to Get a Job as a Local Government Lawyer

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How to Get a Job as a Local Government Lawyer

Posted on February 8th, by Todd Tenge in Career Advice. No Comments

It may come as a surprise that the government isn’t always the first pick of employment for J.D. graduates. Most prefer the more competitive option: private law firms. This goes without saying that there are enough strong arguments why working for the government is just as logical and promising a choice as any. According to … Read More »

How Well Do You Know the People That Work for You?

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In her book “Dare to Serve” my good friend Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Chicken asks:

“How well do you know the people that work for you?”

Cheryl then asks:

“Do you know the three of four events of their lives that have shaped who they are today?”

This has now become one of my favorite questions!

As I ask colleagues and friends … Read More »

What Are the Top Skills Employers Look for in a Candidate?

Posted on February 8th, by Jeff Barison in Career Advice. 2 comments

There are a number of vital skills employers looking for when considering candidates to hire.  Whether you earn your college degree online or in a classroom setting, it is crucial to be aware of these attributes and decision influencers to best position yourself for success in the future.  We will cover two primary components in … Read More »

Mirroring Margaret’s Management Mojo

Posted on February 8th, by Scott Lesnick in education/training. No Comments

It’s safe to say that Margaret is one of the finest managers I’ve ever met. She’s a rare combination of great insight, intelligence, forward thought, deep caring, tremendous leadership, problem solving skills extraordinaire and so much more.

So, you may ask, why aren’t more leaders like Margaret? I wondered too, so I asked her to explain … Read More »

The Word is Culture

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Back in January 2015, Merriam-Webster selected “culture” as their word of the year for 2014.  Our of more than 100 million queries on their website each month and a similar number on the company’s app, “culture” increased by 15 percent increase this year over the prior year.

The popularity of workplace culture has continued to grow. … Read More »

Improve Results by Replacing Accountability with Capability

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Every day, many times across America;

A six-year old sits in the corner in “Time Out” for a specific length of time for performance or behavior problems.
A 15-year old is grounded for a specific length of time for performance or behavior problems.
A 50-year old team member, parent or grandparent is placed on a level of discipline … Read More »

Information Governance Insights: Who’s The Boss

Posted on February 7th, by Robin Woolen in on the job. No Comments

Every organization I’ve ever dealt with has always grappled with the issue of what to do with the Records Management group. The trend hasn’t gotten any easier with the evolution into Information Governance, if anything it has become more difficult. After all where should you put a group that manages information security as well as … Read More »

5 Tips to Prepare for a US Government Security Clearance

Posted on February 7th, by Carmen Iezzi Mezzera in education/training. No Comments


Many highly rewarding careers require a security clearance. While the process can be daunting, advance preparation will ensure that you are ready when the time comes.

The Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) brings together the leading graduate schools around the world, which specialize in international affairs. Our graduates regularly serve in public and … Read More »

Building an Effective Corporate Wellness Program

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Building an effective wellness program means we must assess, understand the health situation and think strategically.  There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to corporate wellness programming; each organization is experiencing different challenges, they are working with various size budgets, and are at different stages in the building of their corporate wellness program.

Three basic principles to consider when … Read More »

New Year Blues? How to Find a Purpose-Driven Career

Posted on January 14th, by David Shindler in Career Advice. No Comments

Are you feeling the pressure to find a fulfilling job or career as we begin a new year? The New Year blues kick in for many and it’s no coincidence that the first Monday back is one of the busiest job searching days of the year. Yet, a knee-jerk response to being dissatisfied with your … Read More »