The Powerful Truth About ATS Friendly Resumes

HR departments receive more resumes than ever because job applicants have more options than ever to apply. This also means that resumes must be filtered more carefully. To handle the increase in applications, more and more organizations are turning to Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS to scan resumes much more quickly.

Your Reflection

In the United States, Halloween is a significant celebration. Derived, at least in part, from the ‘Feast of All Hallows (All Saints)’ which falls on November 1 each year, the quote from Lolly Daskal is pertinent. The Saints all had one thing in common, they learned how to develop an interior life that allowed them to ‘lead from within’.

Cybersecurity Best Practices to Bring to Every Job or Employer

Looking for jobs in the government sector can provide you with job security, a good retirement plan, and a health insurance program that exceeds most public sector employers. One of the things you can add to your professional resume as you apply for government positions is showing that you have knowledge and understanding of the importance of cybersecurity in the workplace.

Are you Interested in a Writing Job with the Government?

Well, this is without any doubt, a dream of every writer to find an effective writing contract which can not only make him or her attain the ability to earn good money but also let the writer build a portfolio more effectively. This explains why every writer is always looking for something big, which can play a significant role in the process of building his or her career in the best possible way. Most people may have no idea about the great opportunities which a writer can get. It is because they do not have the idea that writers can also get writing contracts from government officials.

Fairness and Justice Lead to Passionate Employees

Every day we face choices about what we should or should not do. We have to consider what tools and techniques enable leaders and their team members to always do the right thing.

Keeping Calm When Adversity Hits

I lay in the narrow bunk, heeled 30 degrees, listening to the storm tear at the boat and sails. And, I listened to the crew tackle each adversity calmly, collaboratively, decisively, and transparently. Do you do the same when adversity hits your organization?

The Cycle of Life

I hugged my eldest son, Christy, two weeks ago, probably for the first time. He was about to disappear through the departure gates to board a flight to Dubai and begin a new chapter of his life with Emirate Airlines. Grown men don’t often embrace but we both knew this...

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A Side-By-Side Boss

In the CBS television show, Undercover Boss, senior leaders in these companies learn about the work lives that their employees experience, although in an unusual and perhaps somewhat directed, way. But the concept is solid. In the high performance, values-aligned...

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Is Your Workforce Engaged?

According to a recent Gallup study, a mere 30 percent of the workforce is engaged. So if 30 percent of your employees are engaged, 70 percent are disengaged. Additional research by Gallup reveals that engaged workers are the most innovative. As if motivating employees...

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Core Democratic Values

Core Democratic Values (CDVs) are the only topic I remember learning in first and second grade.  However, beginning in third grade and beyond, I don’t remember CDVs being as integral to the social studies curriculum.  At the risk of generalizing, the shift of my...

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A Serving Leader’s Ego

The following is excerpted from their book, The Serving Leader. In this excerpt, Mike, who has been called to help his dying father’s leadership project, goes to visit a company whose leadership style has been an influential part of his father’s project. His guide,...

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