The Importance of Data Protection in a Government Career

World Backup Day is celebrated annually on March 31st. It serves as a reminder to the importance of protecting your data to avoid the risk of losing private and sensitive information. As a government employee, taking precautions to protect both your personal and work-related data is crucial.

Problems to Solve – You Need a Holiday!

Imagine giving such a response to your boss when they offer you a promotion or to take the lead on a strategically significant project for your Government agency. Imagine saying “sure, I’ll get onto that as soon as I’ve had a vacation with my family!” Too often we fear that such a statement will lead to such a career changing offer going towards someone else. We fear that it sends the wrong message! Does it though? The simple answer is that it does not necessarily have to be sending a negative message and creative leaders most likely know this!

Why Is the US So Unhealthy?

Why is the U.S. only the 35th healthiest country in the world? Can our federal and state governments do anything about it?

Building Trust Through Behavioral Integrity

Cornell University professor Dr. Tony Simons’ powerful article, “The High Cost of Lost Trust,” appeared in the Harvard Business Review in 2002. In that piece, he described his team’s efforts to examine a specific hypothesis (“Employee commitment drives customer service”) in the US operations of a major hotel chain. They interviewed over 7,000 employees at nearly 80 properties and found that employee commitment drives customer service, but, most critically, a leader’s behavioral integrity drives that and more.

How to Write a Resume (When You Think You Have No Relevant Work Experience)

If you’re feeling unappreciated and underutilized in your current job, you’re not alone. According to the Conference Board, nearly half of all American workers report some degree of dissatisfaction at work, particularly in the areas of professional development, recognition, and promotion — all good reasons to consider changing employers or even industries.

Fire Up Your Conversations: When to Communicate Electronically or by Voice

Imagine a fireplace blazing on a cold winter’s day. It could be a gas fireplace, like mine, or a wood fireplace like my friend’s. While both fireplaces warm the room, the experience feels different depending on the fireplace. (Many would say there’s no substitute for a “real” fireplace.)

What Happens When Tech Innovates HR Functions

In 2019, tech will continue to take over the HR industry and disrupt the way candidates are recruited, hired, and engaged in the workplace. You’ve heard of AI and machine learning. However, have you heard of robotic process automation, or RPA? RPA has also been reducing costs and improving data management for HR. Robotic process automation performs rules-based, highly transactional processes in HR departments that require little or no human judgment.

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Employee Engagement Matters

As the New Year begins and our work life starts to move into first gear, we can be tempted to think back to yesteryear and ponder the ‘if only…?’ question. Not that reflection is a bad thing mind you, indeed, done purposefully it can be positive. That said, there is a lot of wisdom in what Walt Disney had to say. Curiosity is what impels us to move forward.

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Flexing Your Appreciative Resilience Muscle

It will be well into 2019 by the time you read this. Resolutions have stuck or come and gone. Work is demanding excellence, there is a change agenda, a call for new innovations, and you are being asked to resolve office conflicts. And, it is a particularly demanding time in history for those who work in government in the service of citizens.

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Information Governance Insights: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

A new year means new beginnings and for the Information Governance Professional, it’s no different. It’s also time to get rid of your old files. This is the time of year when most organizations purge their archives of files that have reached their retention date. Many organizations prefer to use the generic month of January as a default disposition date for all records that can be disposed of in a given year, basically to get it over with. Regardless of when you do it, the important thing is that you follow the Retention Schedule and the Disposition process.

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Without Consequences, Chaos is Inevitable

As a leader, your credibility is maintained, day by day, when you do what you say you will do. For example, if you announce that, from this point forward, every team member will be expected to demonstrate our team’s valued behaviors, you have set a standard. Educating team members about desired valued behaviors is important, but, without accountability, those valued behaviors are just one more set of expectations that your employees can ignore.

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Exclusive HR Predictions for The New Year

The end of the year is always the perfect time to consider trends and predictions for the New Year. As the Human Resource Management sector is on track to reach $30 billion by 2025, we will continue to see new innovations and solutions take hold in 2019. But how will these innovations affect job seekers? Let’s look at some of the predictions and what some of the trends for job seekers in 2019 will be.

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The Biggest Reason People Hate Meetings

People don’t hate meetings. They hate bad meetings. And there’s a long list of reasons why so many meetings are bad: there’s no decision to be made (it should have been an email; there’s no agenda and the meeting goes in circles; no one clarifies the action items and nothing gets done; you invited the wrong people and everyone’s multi-tasking; the list goes on an on.

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How Asking Questions Can Help Your Career

Early in my career, I was an advisor to cabinet officers in two White House administrations. I then worked for several members of the U.S. Senate. Although this was my only experience in government work, it gave me a good taste for career management. After all, in those posts, I was a political appointee with virtually zero job security beyond my own competence. On any given day I could have been fired for wearing the wrong tie to work.

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Information Governance Insights: FAQ: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I’m going to limit this month’s Frequently Asked Questions article to address a one really big issue Information Governance Professionals come up against everywhere – organizations are installing software faster and, many times, unbeknownst to anyone in the Information Governance group. This is not a criticism of the Information Technology department. They have a job to do solving critical business issues for the organization and keeping up with the maintenance of everything they already have in place.

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Compelling Captains Create Consistent Performance and Results

Every business needs a captain, a person that sets the stage for all actions and all relationships that take place within the work environment. If you, as a leader, do not set the stage by defining and aligning practices to clear performance standards and values expectations, people will be left to “figure it out on their own.” This leads to widely varying practices – not aligned, proven practices. That lack of clarity and alignment erodes consistent performance, service, and results.

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Sometimes It’s Best to Wait for It

I smiled as I watched the dad with his two-your old son scurry to the hotel escalator. The dad held his son’s hand firmly and flew him a few inches off the ground to land squarely on the moving step. The boy giggled and wiggled as if he was on an amusement park ride. On the ride down, the little boy leaned forward in anticipation as if ready for take-off. I cringed with worry envisioning sharp escalator teeth against soft, baby skin. But his dad calmly said—“No, not yet. Wait for it.”

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