Stark Realities for New Leaders

In the same way people without children can’t really know what it’s like to have kids until they do, you can’t really know what it’s like to be a... Read More »

Behavioral Interview Questions Provide Golden Personal Branding Opportunities

I remember the first time I was asked a behavioral interview question. I went into a split-second panic—gadzooks! With my racing heart and sweaty palms, I wondered why, after... Read More »

How to Overcome Procrastination, Resistance & Fear

Now that we’ve got your self-esteem up and your self-talk is positive from my last post, let’s tackle the next hurdle in your fight to become a more attractive... Read More »

Coaching Governments to Conference Championships

Mentorship is an important career component. While a mentee with a great mentor can be the beginning of a successful career for the mentee, it may be equally important... Read More »

The Monumental Challenge of Diversity in the Workplace

As women we have a habit of underestimating ourselves. If we are asked what we bring to the table and measure that response against that of men, our scores... Read More »

Information Governance Insights: The Never Ending Road to Nirvana

Last month we began our quest to achieve paperless nirvana by eliminating the ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Transitory) hardcopy that fills our warehouses, file cabinets and desk drawers. This... Read More »

8 Soft Skills to Land a High Paying Job

Skills are everything that defines you in your professional life. Some skills are which you acquire during your college and school, and are better known as hard skills. They... Read More »

Ultimate Gratitude

There can never be enough gratitude in the world. After I survived my cancer ordeal I had a lot of people to thank. And my greatest source of guilt... Read More »

Be a Strong Collaborator

By Kristen Carter, M.Ed., GCDF

Contributor, Senior Career Exploration Specialist

Whether in college or your current job, we have all been tasked to work on a group project or serve on... Read More »

Work Where the Human Spirit Goes to Die

What’s your work environment like? Inspiring? Frustrating? Dull? Engaging? Is the only metric that matters “employee productivity?”

Studies have shown workplaces are often dismal places to be for us humans.

24/7... Read More »

Leadership Lessons from a Badly Played Hand of Cards

In the midst of the card game, I was focused on the goal of building a particular hand– a set of five with a set of three. I already... Read More »

6 steps to turn your talents into strengths

I don’t do social media. Have you ever heard that comment from anyone? Translated it might mean I don’t get it, I’m not interested, I don’t like it or... Read More »

Leading in a life of Purpose, Not Preference

Earlier today, my family—like millions of other families—began the new school year.  In our case, we had a fresh batch of eager kids ready to get to their campuses (I’ll... Read More »

Politics, Religion and Pizza

Today’s insight focuses on an important part of our fabric. It’s calling again and again and while we’re able to ignore it for a while; its power can overtake... Read More »

Do We Really Want All Politics to Be “Local”?

The late Tip O’Neil, Speaker of the House, is credited with declaring that “All politics is local”.  This may be a quaint notion designed to remind policy makers that... Read More »

3 Key Steps For Giving Feedback To Your Boss

Giving your boss feedback can be a scary thing especially if the feedback is negative or as I call it an opportunity for growth. To prepare yourself for this... Read More »

How Women Can Become More Competitive: A Powerful Perspective

Prior to starting my Consulting business, one of the most common things that I heard from other women was that they felt overlooked when it came to personal development... Read More »

Engage Your Staff

Statistics are everywhere if we choose to look. However, more than half of the companies seem to look the other way regarding employee engagement

The cost is simple-retention goes down,... Read More »