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W. Brown Creative Partners

Contact: Wendi Brown
Work Medford Oregon Work Phone: 541-858-0376Website: Website


Recruitment, Leadership Training, Communications & Strategy

WBCP – providing the creative solutions and services your organization needs with results that will exceed your expectations. 

WBCP Recruitment

We find great people for great organizations. We have successfully secured various department heads, management, professional and hard-to-fill positions for multiple clients, including: County of Santa Barbara, County of Orange, Solano County, Napa County, Jackson County, City of Grants Pass, City of Irvine and many national nonprofit and local community-based organizations: Futures without Violence, Community Food Bank, Community Works, Radio Bilingue, Latino Public Broadcasting, Community Action Partnership, First 5 California, Dogs for the Deaf – to name a few.

WBCP Communications & Strategy

The key to a great organization if the how well as a team they communicate and strategize. WBCP is your solution to your communications and strategic business needs.  We craft innovative marketing solutions that get your organization the results it needs and we care that your organization thrives!. Our customized dream team of consultants will be ideal for any of your communications or strategic business needs: strategic planning, annual report, communications brochure, community outreach, internal communications, redesigning processes, etc. If you have a communications or strategic business need, WBCP is the consultant you’re looking for.

WBCP Leadership Training

WBCP knows how to train and lead an organization to their highest potential.  We work with municipalities and nonprofit organizations to maximize human capital by developing staff and aligning individuals, teams and organizational efforts with your organizational goals and strategies.  WBCP assists organizations with creating and articulating their vision, aligning, motivating, and empowering individuals and teams while building innovative business strategies.

WBCP Job Board 

Visit the link above to view current and past WBCP recruitments on the WBCP Job Board.

Our clients believe we are one of the best consulting agencies they’ve worked with, a vital resource to their organization, with talented consultants that provide long lasting winning solutions.



WBCP Executive Search:

  • Recruit and fill executive, management, and hard-to-fill positions in public sector and nonprofit organizations
  • Ability to work in multiple industries
  • Connect the best talent to the right position and organization
  • Provide customized and innovative talent management strategies
  • Improve your employer of choice brand 

WBCP Communication & Strategy:

  • Provide in depth communication and strategy services
  • Craft innovative marketing solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs
  • Strengthen your corporate identity
  • Craft, strengthen and communicate your brand message across multiple platforms
  • Ensure meaningful and lasting connections with your customers 

WBCP Leadership Training:

  • Work with municipalities and nonprofit organizations to maximize human capital by aligning individual, team and organizational efforts with strategies
  • Use key performance indicators to measure success
  • Align organizational and departmental strategies, synchronize cross-functional plans and execute successful action plans
  • Provide 360 leadership assessments
  • Design customized training modules to meet organizational needs
  • Offer “real time” executive coaching services to advance individual professional careers and improve performance
  • Assist organizations with creating and articulating their vision
  • Align, motivate and empower individuals and teams while building innovative business strategies 

WBCP Job Board:

Click the above link to see both past and current job openings.

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