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Government and public sector employee associations provide valuable training, resources and networking opportunities for members and non-members alike. Associations are often essential in providing information about professional standards, licensing requirements and posting targeted job opportunities in the field. We encourage you to contact us with associations you think will be valuable to others.

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MuniNet Guide is an online resource specializing in municipal matters, including urban affairs, public finance, and municipal bonds.  Our content and data focuses on a variety of topic areas pertaining to the public sector:  municipal bonds, state and local government, demographics, economic trends, education, employment, healthcare, housing and real estate, transportation, and utilities.

MuniNet has been covering municipal bond research, public finance, urban administration, and public sector agencies since the mid-1990s.  First introduced as a subscriber-based print newsletter, MuniNet Guide launched its website in 2000 and gradually transitioned to a free online publication.

In its early days, MuniNet was designed to be a guide to municipal-related content on the Internet, helping readers efficiently navigate the then-new world of online resources.  While the sophistication of users and search engines has vastly increased over the years, our mission remains:  to be “your hub for municipal-related content” on the web.

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