Alameda County, CA
Located in the middle-western portion of California, Alameda County is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. An enchanting county that is overflowing with magnificent arts and cultural activities and events, fascinating history, an abundance of educational opportunities and a strong economy, Alameda County is an exciting destination for visitors and new residents alike. The area features one of the most unique climates in the nation, extraordinary cultural and social diversity, and such breathtaking landscape that it’s no wonder so many people from all walks of life choose to make the county their home.
If you plan to work in the Alameda County area, you’ll be pleased to learn that this thriving community has a lot to offer.
As the seventh most populous county in California, Alameda County has a fast growing population of about 1,638,220 people. The population density is approximately 2,217 individuals per square mile. It is the fourth most racially diverse county in the United States, and is home to a colorful variety of individuals from all over the world. With 739 square miles of land and about 82 square miles of water, the county still hosts more than 350 parks and part of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. A large number of National Historic Places and state landmarks add unique character that demonstrates the county’s Native American, Spanish, and Mexican history.

The many benefits of such a diverse community are obvious in Alameda County. With world famous tourist attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown, multiple museums with unique themes, culturally inspired shopping and dining, and an abundance of entertainment venues, special events and more, there is plenty to see and do when the work day is done and it’s time to play. While individuals who are used to a little more elbow room might take a bit to adjust, the beautiful coastline and relaxing hillside residential enclaves will have you feeling right at home in no time.

It is the fourth most racially diverse county in the United States, and is home to a colorful variety of individuals from all over the world.
Temperatures are very moderate by the Bay. In the summertime, average highs of around 75˚ in July enable residents to enjoy all of the outdoor amenities that the county has to offer. From downtown window shopping and outdoor dining to long walks through the park, the annual 260 days of sunshine provide plenty of opportunity for an active lifestyle. In the winter, temperatures drop to about 42˚ in January. The cool breeze from the Bay might seem a bit chilly at times, but is less noticed as you travel inland. Even still, the weather is rarely uncomfortable enough to hinder outdoor activities.

If you plan to work in the Alameda County area, you’ll be pleased to learn that this thriving community has a lot to offer. With an unemployment rate of just 4.70% and future job growth expected to be about 40.53% in the next ten years, competition for employment isn’t as fierce as it is in many other parts of the United States. About 17% of area residents earn between $100,000 and $150,000 working in jobs like management, business, finance, manufacturing, sales, technology and more. Some of the county’s top employers include local, state and federal agencies.

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For those who are interested in moving to Alameda County, the cost of living is very comparable to other similar locations in California. The median home cost in the county is around $735,700 and homes have appreciated by about 9.70% over the last year and 41.74% in the last five years- meaning it is an excellent time to invest in a home in the area. If you would rather start out with a rental, you can easily find a two bedroom apartment for around $2,100 per month. If these prices seem a little out of your budget, however, don’t despair. There are still plenty of homes available in the $100,000 to $750,000 range, with the majority being valued at about $500,000 to $749,000. And since the median household income is $73,775, which is significantly higher than the national median income, there should be more room in your budget to purchase the home of your dreams.

Commute time in Alameda County is about 29 minutes each way. Only about 64% of residents choose to drive their own vehicles alone to and from work, about 10% carpool, and around 13% use public transportation for their daily commute. With numerous commuter rail and bus systems in the area and a variety of interstate highways and state routes, traveling might not be as congested as one might expect for an area that is so densely populated. Bicycling and walking are also popular choices for those with short commutes. For those who plan to travel longer distances, easy access to Oakland International Airport makes air travel a breeze.

Whether you are interested in moving to Alameda County to enjoy the magnificent climate and breathtaking scenery, or you are curious about the exciting career opportunities in the area to help you achieve your life goals, the county is certain to be a wonderful option for your next move.

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