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Robin Woolen, MBA, IGP has worked in the field of information lifecycle management since 1994 with a specialty in strategic consulting focused on enterprise-scale information management systems. His career includes both Public and Private sectors with a client list from the nation’s top 25 cities and the Fortune 500. Mr. Woolen is a recognized leader in the field of information governance and a national speaker teaching others how to improve their own programs. Mr. Woolen holds a Masters of Business Administration in Management of Information Systems from Park University and is a certified Information Governance Professional from ARMA International, the authority on governing information as a strategic asset.


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Information Governance: Talk the Talk

Information Governance: Talk the Talk

Information Governance: Talk the Talk ROBIN WOOLEN The Records Guru If there is one thing I’ve found in today’s business world it’s that everyone can use all the buzzwords to keep up with the conversation at meetings and around the office, but if you really ask them...

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