Clothes Do Make the (Wo)Man in an Interview

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P. Lamont Ewell is a retired City Manager and author of the book, “Reaching For The Gold.” He is currently working in partnership with Clark Wurzberger, Senior Vice President of the Mercer Group to present one-day seminars on how to successfully prepare for an interview. Visit


Clothes Do Make the (Wo)Man in an Interview

Posted on February 15th, by Philip Ewell in networking/interviewing. No Comments

While prepping clients for their interview, we spend a great amount of time discussing the importance of quality communications.  During an interview, for optimum communications to occur it must incorporate such elements as knowledge of subject the matter, proper word choice, body language and the one most often underestimated “our clothing”.  In addition to helping … Read More »

Channeling Peter Drucker

Posted on November 17th, by Philip Ewell in Career Advice, on the job. No Comments

Recently a former client emailed me asking a rather interesting question. He is a newly appointed Police Chief of an organization that hadn’t changed its operational practices, services or employee expectations in years.  He asked, “Now that I am Chief of Department, I know the best practices I want to begin implementing, … Read More »

The Importance of Reading Body Language During An Interview – Yours, Not Theirs

Posted on October 22nd, by Philip Ewell in Career Advice, networking/interviewing. No Comments

Many are quick to point out that during an interview, it is important to be able to read the body language of the panel and if necessary, make any changes to your presentation strategy.  When applied properly, this is indeed a useful and valuable skill to possess.  As an example, during your interview you notice … Read More »

Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Posted on July 14th, by Philip Ewell in Career Advice, networking/interviewing. No Comments

Many falsely assume that preparation for a successful interview is simple, fast and straightforward.  In reality, it is not.  Such assumptions serve as the fatal flaw that causes so many candidates to perform poorly. They preclude even the best candidates from being invited back to the next phase of a hiring process.

Leon Joseph Suenens once … Read More »

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Posted on February 1st, by Philip Ewell in About the Public Sector, overview. No Comments

Government has entered a new era. It is an era of reset. When completed, it will change the priorities of governments, nationwide. With the convergence of an unprecedented decline in the world economy combined with escalating cost associated with the delivery of local services, today many communities are finding it increasingly difficult to provide desired … Read More »

Good Enough For Government Work

Posted on January 23rd, by Philip Ewell in About the Public Sector, overview. No Comments

There is a story that was shared with me many years ago of a man said to have been the source of the well-known phrase “ Good Enough For Government Work”.  It was said to have originated some 70 years ago. The man, an engineer, owned a small engineering firm and would routinely bid on … Read More »