Why Writing Still Matters in Your Job Search

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Madeline Jacobson writes for Weiss-Roessler Writing and recently completed a one-year term of service with College Forward, an Austin-based AmeriCorps program that provides college prep tutoring and resources to lower-income and first-generation college students. She graduated from Whitman College in 2012 and particularly likes writing about college and careers for recent grads.

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Why Writing Still Matters in Your Job Search

Posted on April 13th, by Madeline Jacobson in Career Advice. No Comments

During the year that I worked as an after-school college prep coach for a group of high school juniors, one of my biggest uphill battles was convincing my students that writing is still relevant in the working world. The vast majority of my students were more interested in being engineers, scientists, and health professionals than … Read More »

4 Things Most People Don’t Know About AmeriCorps

Posted on October 21st, by Madeline Jacobson in Career Advice, on the job. No Comments

“AmeriCorps—what’s that?” “Do you mean the Peace Corps?” “I hear it’s a bad deal because you don’t make any money.”

These are just a few of the questions and comments I received from well-intentioned friends and family members when I decided to complete an 11-month term of service with AmeriCorps. After spending just a few months … Read More »

Get Connections for a Government Career While in College

Posted on August 26th, by Madeline Jacobson in Career Advice, networking/interviewing. No Comments

College is the time when many people get a better sense of who they are and realize what kind of career path they want to follow. What some students might not realize is that college is also the perfect time to start actively making professional connections, especially when you’re interested in pursuing a government career.

Think … Read More »