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John Eldridge was a member of the Vancouver Police Department for twenty-six years. He followed that with an eleven-year second career at WorkSafeBC (the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia) where he led a team investigating fatal accidents in the workplace.  He wrote Second Careers for Street Cops as a guide for law enforcement officers looking for a second career. Through his job search and transition into a career after policing, John realized the lack of second career information available specifically for police officers. Second Careers for Street Cops is his down-to-earth, practical advice for street cops who want to move on to a new work life after their law enforcement careers. John lives in Vancouver and can be contacted through his website, or follow him on Twitter @copsecondcareer.


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Police Retirement: Set a Date

Police Retirement: Set a Date

Police Retirement: Set a Date JOHN ELDRIDGE   Author of award-winning book Second Careers for Street Cops. Just do it. Pick a date when you’re going to retire from policing. Now look, you don’t have to panic about the date. It’s not like you’re leaving tomorrow. Just...

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