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Jerry Schuber came to the City from Waste Management Inc. where he worked from the ground floor up to the operations manager in the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station. Jerry joined the solid waste family in December 2000 as the safety and training specialist. Within a short period of time he was promoted to supervisor and eventually promoted over to code enforcement as a housing program supervisor. After spending six years at City Hall, Jerry returned home to solid waste as the division manager. During his time with the City Jerry has obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and an MBA in 2011 with the University of Phoenix. Jerry ran for Office as a council member for the City of Clovis in 2007 and attended the San Joaquin Political Academy in 2008. Jerry is active in his church, community, and currently holds a position on the City of Clovis personnel Commission as an appointed member. Jerry has been married to his high school sweetheart for the past 23 years and has two sons, and two granddaughters.


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The Winds of Change

Posted on November 14th, by Jerry Schuber in Career Advice. No Comments

Most of the time I write an article with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.  I include such taglines as above for the sake of grabbing an audience who otherwise would ignore any article by most authors based solely on their belief that the reader is far too busy or their time is far … Read More »

Does this Desk make me look fat?

Posted on April 8th, by Jerry Schuber in on the job. No Comments

As many of you can attest the mindless paperwork that accounts for the majority of the work we do as civil servants is a must in order to prove we worked and deliver the transparency required of people working in the public trust. Not sure about the rest of you but I have found this … Read More »

The Five Stages of Team Building: Part 2

Posted on November 8th, by Jerry Schuber in About the Public Sector. No Comments

Storming is where we begin this month.

When we left our newly “formed” team they were all standing there smiling and ready to do good deeds in the name of the organization right?  No, sorry, I can’t back that up.  They were likely stuck with a person they didn’t really want to work with, confused as … Read More »

Team Building: 5 Stages

Posted on October 8th, by Jerry Schuber in on the job. No Comments

In order to fully understand the concepts of organizations and how they develop it is important to understand the steps it takes to actually build teams within the group.  According to Organizational Behavior (5th ed.), the development of a team is divided into 5 steps.  The steps are Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. In … Read More »

The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend

Posted on August 14th, by Jerry Schuber in networking/interviewing. No Comments

Oh boy I bet this one caught your eye!

Sorry to bait and switch you but this is about the job, or what I refer to as the mistress.  I say this because, as with many of you, the job seems to get the better parts of me sometimes.  It calls in the middle of the … Read More »

Lessons From the Possum

Posted on June 10th, by Jerry Schuber in Trends. No Comments

I once had a possum on my sorting line.  Weird way to start an article I know but bear with me.  The possum had come in the back of a garbage truck with a load to my transfer station.  Who knows how he got there, one can only guess it was in the container when … Read More »

Putting the Meat in Team

Posted on May 8th, by Jerry Schuber in Trends. No Comments

There is a growing trend in the private firms of staff development which has shown signs of success.  The lunch meeting with a potential new team member to see how the person interacts with potentially new coworkers has been on the rise.  The theory behind the concept is simple.  Does this person fit?  If so, … Read More »

Boomers and Millennials: Gen-X to the Rescue!

Posted on April 13th, by Jerry Schuber in Trends. No Comments

As many are aware, the generations have aligned on the American workplace like the planets in some science fiction movie.  However, this does not have to alert us to the doom of the known world as with so many of those movies.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good “back in my day” … Read More »

Change Agents Become Leaders in Local Government

Posted on February 15th, by Jerry Schuber in on the job. No Comments

I once heard it said that “the world is a dirty diaper, let someone else change it”, and of course I chuckled because change can, in some ways, have the same effect on people trapped in a room with a dirty diaper.  They make the face, followed by squirming in their seats, and ultimately they … Read More »

Trash Worthy Technology

Posted on January 18th, by Jerry Schuber in Trends. No Comments

I recently attended a conference on waste to energy in southern California.  I was amazed at the amount of municipal employees who could see the writing on the wall with regard to the next generation of technology coming online.  The ability to manage the last 10 to 20% of a waste stream into an energy … Read More »